Bananapoop ~ The "How to be less stupid" tutorial ~ This is not a banana tree!

Intro ~ Bananapoop

We like to pride ourselves thinking that we're the image of god and above nature.

But the facts are: We're just mutated hairless monkeys.
We're made of nature. Born of it, well fed only from it, healed by it.

And we do a whole lot of bullshit, by ignorance or deliberately.
But since we're not cows and monkeys eat bananas, it should be called:

It's a part of life as we try to learn and fill our needs.

Perhaps I can enlighten you on some of it. But be warned, as highly intelligent as I am, I'm still imperfect, like everything real has the right to be.

This compilation of ideas is for amusement purpose. I'm just sharing my thoughts.
I won't take the responsibility for your life; that belongs entirely to you.
What improves my life might worsen yours.
It's the beauty of being unique, just like everybody else. Heh!

But I can advise you this:
Never follow blindly, especially not dogma or medical specialists.
Power, greed, ego and ignorance can corrupt the kindest ideas.
Don't surrender your mind, ever. Trust your brain, even if you don't have much of it.

Your body's most vital messages are often unpleasant, but all the more important. Listen to your needs above your wants, they knows what's best for you.
If you slip, instead to blame, look at your new-found ignorance and be constructive:
Learn from it.

Or don't, embrace denial as a coping mecanism and see your pain repeat itself endlesly.
Your life is yours to screw up and live with it, you're your own person.
But don't blame me for trying to spare you the hard way that I had to go through,
if it ends up necessary for you as well, and probably will.

This site is meant to brings clues and keywords to your attention.

So you can seek out the facts in more depth, beyond the veil of not so blissful ignorance, and find what's best for you on your own.

The truth hurts, but it can also set you free.
And be damn funny too!

Don't be as clueless as a wolf in a tree. Knowledge is power!


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As clueless as a wolf in a tree~

If I borrow your stuff, please forgive me.
I'm not making a penny off your work.
I'm just trying to make a point.
And enjoy beauty~

Lisa Of Shades
27 February 2013

Edited 1 December 2013
Edited 10 September 2014

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