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Medical logo
Cannibal vegan
Fire detector
Creepshow 3: Grains
Tinker Bell: Genius
Frozen: Olaf VS Anorexic Barbie
Frozen: Elsa ~ Let it go ~ Good in bad
Animals have a face
ADHD is malnutrition
Mike Adams ~ Savior
Exercise for weight loss is a lie
Adrenal fatigue ~ Overclocked
Vegetable & fruit party
Depression is EXHAUSTION!

Unicorn doctor

Natural foods VS drugs. I’d rather be healed by a myth than killed by a cure. Vitamins & minerals can reverse several illnesses because deficiencies affect several body functions. They were needed in the first place, not toxins. Find the cause and you have the real solution.

Unicorn doctor: food myth vs. toxic drugs ~ health ~ demotivational poster

I finally made it!

Sources of my montage:
  • Unicorn of the World at dianapeterfreund. "The Unicorns in this book are real.
    They are based on the histories and legends of Europe and Asia…"
  • Full Length Unisex Lab Coat at therapysupply. They have XXL size for 33$. I bet they didn't think an unicorn's ass could fit in it too.
  • The coat's collar from a handsome man wearing a 130$ coat at medelita.
  • Pink stethoscope at medicalexpo. It's so cool that they have green and blue. I like orange but they didn't have any. I could have edited it, but pink looks even less credible and crazier. Yet the myth can still be true than any bullshit in ads made to look so convincing.
  • Gloves from globalsources. They looks like little wings~
I got so sick and did so much research. Drugs threw me at death's door more than any infections or accidents. But when I read about Adrenal Fatigue and the movies Food matters and Hungry for change... I found the cure for absolutely everything: provide what you need in the first place and get rid of what harms you. It's insanely simple. Too simple not to work. But you can't patent that and make billions addicting people to broccoli... So there's a huge amount of conspiracies around.

The latest I found is about the Radium girls:

How we realized putting radium in everything was not the answer at theatlantic.

It's a radioactive material way more dangerous than uranium. But it'd pretty, it glows in the dark. So they had girls paint clocks with it. The owners of the company knew it was deadly, they use lead shields and gloves to handle the paint. But they didn't give any protection to the girls. To add insult AND MORE PAIN to injury... they told the girl to keep their brush sharp with their lips... by putting an extremely dangerous radioactive material in their mouth CONSTANTLY.

Sure it took several years before they jaws started to rot... and when it attacked their spine, their skin got a super-healthy pink glow, their red blood cells giving a last intense effort before dying out with anemia, as their spines couldn't produce enough of them anymore...

When they sued the company, not to get rich they were doom to die very soon, but to make sure that others wouldn't have to suffer sheer agony again, they were told that they were healthy by the CEO pretending to be a doctor, accusing them to have slept around and caught syphilis. They must have been really dirty fuckers to believe that sucking cocks could rot a jaw until it fell off.

Doctors jumped on the cash train thrown by the radioactive paint company to sell radioactivity as a cure for health. They still do it for cancer. It still kill people.

Here's the publicity picture from the same page and quote:

"Here’s health! To keep that health you must keep Nature’s laws. They are simple and easy to keep: but if they are broken Nature exacts a heavy penalty from each and every one. Get plenty of sleep, exercise and wholesome fun. Avoid overwork, all other excesses, eat fresh, natural foods, breathe fresh air, and drink plenty of fresh, invigorating, natural radioactive water from Radium-Spa."

Seriously!? Vegetables and radioactive water? If that was true, all animals would glow in the dark and would have been hunted by predators in their sleep to extinction!
The foolishness consisted with a pot with Radium inside, and you poured water into it.

They claimed that it could cure several illnesses, but when food makes that claim, they say it's impossible. Well, their deadly toxins can't even heal diddly squat, because it never belonged in the body in the first place!!! But vitamin C is needed all over the body, especially in the adrenal glands, the brain, the cartilage... the bones... the flesh... well... everywhere.

Apparently the killer-spas still exist. I hope that it’s just borrowing the name to ride the popular wave… otherwise that’s just deadly stupid to use real radioactive substances… Urg! The cancer industry still claims that it’s a wonder cure… oh well, the world is over populated, but it’s still unbearable to me. Just kill people honestly and directly. Don’t pretend it’s a freaking spa! I guess fishes come for the bait, not the hook, uh~ Keep that in mind when someone offer you a service or something cool, like something shiny in the dark… Sometimes being scared in the dark is better.

The radioactive clocks looked nice though. What time is it clock? Clock: "TIME TO DIE!"
(See a picture of the cute green glow in the article Painting with Radium at nontoxicprint.)

They also made nail polish with that radioactive death. And they let their employees paint their nails and teeth with the radioactive paint... they should have stop them, if they didn't care about their health, at least they could have to stop them from wasting profits.

They probably watched them paint their teeth with their radioactive product and laugh thinking: “Oh you are SO dead. Well, I won’t need to give you a raise then, I’ll just hire someone new~ Younger ass~ Bitch yeah~”
How repulsive…

It sounds silly now, because now we know better... but they tried extremely hard to cover it up in the most demeaning and deadly way.

Do you think we're above it now? No. You should wonder how much crap the industries of death, INCLUDING MEDICINE, is still giving us.

I'd stay away from nail polish and radioactive cancer "therapy" if I were you. I'm me and I'm going to do just that!

Eat greens; they will give you a healthy glow without making your jaw rot off or spine disintegrate.

On other news~

Soy make people fat because it messes with their female hormones telling them how much fat they need to survive.

I saw women today with extremely wide ass and thighs. But the rest wasn’t nearly as fat. The my beloved brain fired up memories one after another and BAM! I got an epiphany. Here are the steps:

The body knows where to store the fat according to hormones. That’s why men tend to have a big belly and women tend to have a big ass. It most likely serves a function. I know that having wide hips make carrying children easier, because they can sit on it without sliding off. Seriously, nature is clever. Not people though, but I’ve seen many mothers do this instinctively.

Soy is a xenoestrogen that mimic the female hormone.

Soy is cheap to produce, tasteless, and can serve as a filler to masquerade as nutritious food, using toxic artificial flavors… and a little of the real thing to be able to pretend that it’s there in the ingredients. (The FDA only approved soy to be used in boxes, because it’s toxic, like canola which is actually supposed to be called rape seed, eating the box would probably be more nutritive and with less dyes and other chemicals. Toxins are sealed in fat to protect the vital organs, so it's like filling a fat cell balloon. It's not that you got more fat cells; it’s that they're full of poison. Actually eating fresh fat (not fried and rancid) helps eliminate the toxins because the body can renew the fat cells for clean new ones.)

It's seems cheap and convenient, so people eat a massive amount of soy.

They need to over eat trying to find nutrients to function, since they were processed out, because real food doesn’t keep like objects on shelves for years, but synthetic food does... it won’t nourish you though…

The results are from many factors, among them are toxins and over eating... but there is one that seem to be overlooked because I never hear about it:

People eat massive amount of female hormones that scream to their body: WE’RE A WOMAN, BUILD THAT ASS! MORE! MORE ASS!!!

And boobs too (and everything...) ever seen a guy with boobs and unable to find the testosterone to have a hard on? Soy! Might as well get a sex change dude.

That’s probably why Asians get so adorably effeminate, and have smaller penises, but Americans get way more soy than them, thousand times more…

People are born with both sexes, guys are born gay… I can’t tell how far the effect goes… there are many chemicals at work and nature like diversity in a wide colorful range, not the extremes...

But getting fatter might not be from fat… it might be from fake hormones telling the body that he NEEDS to get fatter to live. Hormones is the way vital organs communicate… not just electrical impulses from nerves, that’s for movement and thoughts… but I guess some organs are just too delicate to fry them with electricity and are sent juices… flood them with the wrong ones… with too much of it… and they will produce too much results. Fat is a good result. It has many purpose. But too much of a good thing... not so good.

Enjoy a rainbow of vegetables and fresh meats~ Not just soy, wheat and corn disguised as many way better things. I like Halloween but there are Horrors on my health that I'd rather not have to carry and see. Don't mess with your hormones. It's as bad as messing with your brain.

Lisa Of Shades
4 September 2014
Idea: 12 August 2014

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Medical logo

Medical logo. It’s a poisonous snake! Full of deadly toxins, the same as their so-called cures, mere drugs that kill more people than diseases. The pharmaceutical industry covers it up for profits, but at least medicine is honest with their logo. The Rod of Asclepius looks similar to Hermes’s Caduceus staff in Greek mythology. The Roman iconography of Mercury is similar: “The messenger of the gods, guide of the dead and protector of merchants, shepherds, gamblers, liars, and thieves.” Yup. It represents medicine well.

Medical symbol ~ poisonous snake same as their drugs ~ Final destination ~ Bloody ambulance ~ Rod of Asclepius

The bloody ambulance image is from the movie Final destination. With how incompetent, ignorant and plain criminal the medical industry is, going to the hospital may very well be your final destination.

Doctors have such a big ego that they think they're gods, an effect of having people’s lives thrown in their hands mindlessly. It's said to guide the dead... they show them the way to the afterlife... not health, not to heal and save them! They basically push them off the fence with toxins!

I almost removed shepherds thinking that it’s no longer relevant, but they DO expect you to follow like dumb sheep, cattle, for their own profits! While there are inexpensive and way more efficient cures available but they don't want you to know about it, and aggressively deny them to you!

Watch at YouTube: Living proof vitamin C is a miracle cure.

It's not a miracle, it's just giving your body what he needs and was meant to use. People doing that in our synthetic society would be a miracle though. The man was on life support for lungs so infected that they couldn't be seen on an X-ray. The doctors wanted to unplug him saying he had no chance to recover at all.

The family demanded and fought for an IV of high doses of vitamin C. It worked with extreme improvement in only 2 days! The lungs were visible again! Then the doctors stopped in secret, even though the proof was right there! They said turning him on his stomach is what helped his lungs. No it can suffocate babies!

His health declined again and the family had to fight for him to be put back on the vitamin C. But they only agreed for a very low dose (1g, I take 4 as maintenance, I can take 10-20 if unwell physically or mentally). He restarted to improve once again, but according to the vitamin C: smaller dose = smaller improvement. But he was still denied more.

It's just plain criminal. Doctors were aggressive and cold. Even if they wanted to protect their way of life, leading people to their death cashing in with drugs like milking a cow until they croak... they could have saved this one man in secret, they only agreed to avoid being sued! And gave the bare minimum to keep the family quiet... a dose that they were SURE couldn't make a difference but it did anyway! It cured him anyway. His leukemia too!

So many diseases that are the side effects of scurvy... but we gave that name to a limited range of symptoms, and we now call them differently too, oblivious to the simplest cure. It's like giving a man in a desert some water and calling it a miracle cure.

You simply NEED VITAMIN C.

As much as you need, and that change according to what happens to people and what they have to deal with. You can't base a vitamin recommendation on a super healthy individual and claim that someone who's sick doesn't need more. He probably got sick because he didn't even take so little and now he needs high doses to catch up and rebuild his body!

There’s an argument about what saved him. The doctors said that he would die and wanted to unplug life support. The family said that vitamin C could save him, because it’s been documented by great minds that it did before. Who was right? Medicine or vitamin C advocates? Well, he’s alive.

And it sure as hell wasn’t thanks to doctors, they put sticks in the wheel of his recovery every steps of the way. I wouldn’t even thank them for the life support. But the family should have given vitamin C way before that. Desperation is very motivating. Maybe doctors will finally figure it out what’s really a cure and what’s just poison the day they’ll end up on their own death beds. But I wouldn’t count on it.

They SAW how extremely quick and effective vitamin C is, but they denied it anyway. So yeah, they're big liars. And since their medicine is useless, harmful and THEY KNOW IT! If you stay sick, or get sicker, they'll just blame it on your body and make more cash with you. You're just cattle to them remember! So they're thieves too.

I got the quote from wikipedia: Caduceus:

The staff carried by Hermes in Greek mythology. The guy with winged sandals. "Hermes is a god of transitions and boundaries. He is quick and cunning, and moved freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, as emissary and messenger of the gods, intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls into the afterlife. He is protector and patron of travelers, herdsmen, thieves, orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and trade. In some myths he is a trickster, and outwits other gods for his own satisfaction or the sake of humankind."

So basically the logo means "humankind impaled on a stick"... it doesn't sound very healing.

Well, they also write: "It is said the wand would wake the sleeping and send the awake to sleep. If applied to the dying, their death was gentle; if applied to the dead, they returned to life."

So the staff can do good but the medical industry is too concerned about the merchant (money) stealing and lying part to bother actually healing. They even burry cures, they're bad for business.

What they do is sickening... but that's what they want!

There are probably a few doctors that genuinely believe that they're there to cure, most of them probably from denial to feel less guilty about blood soaked cash... and a lot of it (cash AND blood). But the rest of the doctors make sure those idealists can't talk or ridicule them if they do.

You can also read: Caduceus as a symbol of medicine and Rod of Asclepius

Lisa Of Shades
13 September 2014

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Cannibal vegan

Vegetarians and vegans. They can’t handle a little fresh meat~ It’s better than having anemia, you fools! You get more vitamin C & iron from vegetables, but not much B12! Dig in! It tastes like chicken wrapped in bacon.

Vegetarians & vegans ~ severed arm ~ anemia ~ vegetables AND meat ~ bacon chicken

From the movie Final destination but I forgot which one. I merged 2 frames.

The bacon would be the skin, and the chicken would be the flesh. But I'm sure it's different. I bet we taste like pork though. We're so alike their organs are used for transplant... and look at Americans pig looking asses.

There are so many demotivational posters about bacon, this is to mock them.

Enjoy some greens for once~

Vegetarians and vegans give vegetables a bad name. Because they claim that you have to replace delicious meat for repulsive tofu, which mess with your hormones, and with artificial flavors & colors to imitate meat, it can't possibly be healthy.

Vegetables are better for a lot of nutrients, but not B12. You don't have to kill the chicken to have the eggs.

You can choose from companies that treat their live stock with respect, with a salubrious quality of life. Meat won’t taste the same if it marinated in rotten piss and shit its own life, enough to get skin burn from the ammonia. Not so yummy now, uh~ Ok, fuck the chicken’s joy, but think about what you get as a customer.

It's ok to pay more for less because it will be more nutritive so you won't need to over eat.

Eat some delicious flesh for once~
Lisa Of Shades
13 September 2014

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Fire detector

Smoke detectors. They don’t detect fire. Their high pitch shrieks are so torturous that you’ll close it before taking care of the actual fire; to avoid dizziness, fainting and even seizures from it. It can send noise sensitive epileptics to the floor, unable to stop the fire, causing them to burn alive.

Smoke detectors can't detect fire. Sound causes seizures.

From the movie Final destination, but I forgot which one. They're all fun anyway.

They can only detect smoke, so they can start for a mere burning toast. I put mine on top of my refrigerator so it gives me more time before it starts, and the smoke isn't overwhelming enough to suffocate me yet, hopefully. It helped me once, when I opened the wrong stove top burner element (is it really called like that in English? What a mouthful). It had a decorative top that burned, but it wouldn't have put m life in danger.

I used to put my smoke detector on top of my kitchen cabinet, to avoid seeing the ugly thing and damage the ceiling. When it ranged, again for no decent reason, I had to climb on the counter. The damn thing refused to close! I was getting dizzy and disoriented (our balance is in the ear) and about to fall off the counter (ouch) so I threw the damn noisy thing against the floor as hard as I could. It shut the hell up. And I didn't put it back, I clawed the battery from its entrails and threw it in a closet.

So the only threat I had was from the damn detector!

My refrigerator set itself in fire once. The connector got damaged when I moved it to clean behind (never again!) and it burned itself. I thought that the tick smoke came from outside... so I closed all the windows and went to sleep! Later my body wakes me up "Get up, there's something wrong! An awful smell!" said the voice in my head (thank you madness for letting me use my brain efficiently by communicating with my subconscious with actual words.) That's how I was saved. Not a shriek. My own brain! Even though my first guess was stupid, I got it right in the end.

I guess drunk people falling into a hypoglycemic coma holding a smoke need a loud parade noise to wake them up, while their cancer causing and heart damaging habit burn them alive... But they probably wouldn't wake up anyway and don't seem to care that much about their life anyway.

Wow, deaf people use light for a smoke detector! Maybe I should get that... wait that causes seizures too if it blinks rapidly. Oh yeah the blinking freaking hurts: Fire alarm notification appliance at wikipedia.

Also Photosensitive epilepsy from wikipedia. It's apparently rare. So when the cops tested if their new car's lights triggered seizures, they took random epileptics and declared that it was just fine because THEY couldn't get a seizure from that. Assholes. You can twist a study's results into anything you want. But I think it was probably just ignorance, or that’d be giving their stupid minds too much credit.

But it's advised to have a smoke detector for people with seizures if they have a grand mal seizure and end up on the floor, so that others can stop food from burning. I live alone~

I never been officially diagnosed with epilepsy, but I was for hypoglycemia and that causes seizures, but finally found my proof from an official source:

Sounds that trigger seizures??? at epilepsy.

"I've noticed is when our smoke detectors activate which ours seem to do several times a month, they're very sensitive. We all know how loud those are, I know they bother my non-epileptic husband too but the minute that loud sound goes off? So do I."

It gets worse for this mother's little girl: "Whenever she hears a loud sound like a car horn or something loud dropping to the ground she has "drop" seizures. I thought she was the only one in this world who could hear something and have a seizure. It’s very difficult to take her places because of all the loud sounds everywhere. Things that we don’t think about can send her to the ground."

So smoke detectors will send some epileptics to the floor, instead to be able to take care of the fire… if they weren’t already on the floor, causing the fire… well, they will be.

I'm very grateful that I don't drop, but if I fainted I wouldn't be aware of the panic-worthy pain.

Also Photosensitivity and noise sensitivity at epilepsy.

"I have recently become sensitive to high pitched noises. I immediately feel stressed, i sometimes have small black outs if it's in an a closed space or I have to concentrate on a particular task!I travel on buses alot and recently had to jump of the bus because their was a new born baby crying so high pitched. I find it hard to explain to people How stressful it is. My one big concern is how I would cope with my own baby amongst other concerns related to the condition? :)"

Babies cause seizures! Ha! That explains how I feel about them and why some people go nuts to stop the noise (shake and bake).

"Hearing more than one person talking would make me so stressed ,I have two little girls, I go crazy if I hear them screaming or fighting with each other." Stop screaming and fighting kids. And don't let yours scream outside. Instead to annoy you, they'd annoy everyone else, and some people might be maniacs out for blood.

And you could actually kill people from shrieking. Kids you could kill your parents if you don't quiet down! Then who’s going to feed you, clothe you, give you a warm bed and buy the shit you want!? Not Santa that’s for sure, an old man could rape you for a candy though. Especially if your parents aren’t looking, trying to ignore your obnoxious screams, or by being dead from one of your brain shattering shriek… literally! So shut the hell up!!!

How Serious Are Seizures? at epilepsy.

"The overall risk of dying for a person with epilepsy is 1.6 to 3 times higher than for the general population.

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) is the most common of death for people with seizures. It is not frequent but it a very real problem that people need to be aware of.

Most people don’t understand how serious seizures can be. They either think that seizures are not a problem or that everyone may die from them. The truth lies somewhere in between. The types of problems people may have range from injuries, the effect of repeated seizures on the brain, seizure emergencies, and death."

Kids scream like bloody murder so much that we don't even bother checking if they're safe anymore. We just assume that they're brats. And smoke detectors start for noting so much, that we don't move to help if we hear one. It's counter productive.

I have a high IQ, but the downside of that is that what makes me so intelligent also makes me fragile. It's thanks to being more sensitive than average that I can perceive more information that others are oblivious to. I also noticed that my brain can process more information and faster, since I could see the old computer screen flicker when others couldn't if the refresh rate wasn't higher than standard. But that means that my brain can get overwhelmed as hell too! I basically don't have a filter, everything gets in! I have to process EVERY single bit of information. I can't focus on just one and shut out the rest... So my brain can go into a shrieking panic, drowning in noise, demanding that I get the hell out before I run out of energy and crash.

I'm not going to take drugs or use smoke detectors. I'll just listen to my body! He knows best and only have my well being at heart and mind, unlike doctors who need to make a living selling drugs like pushers.

Trust your body and mind, but don't jump to the first conclusion, if you don't feel well your guesses won't be very accurate. But eventually you'll figure it out~ Now that I know why my body acts the way he does, I keep it in mind when I can't think, it helps me to welcome the panic as simple information to deal with calmly so I can be safe again. Just make a reflex to avoid and take a break, sometimes life can really be that simple.

Instead of the false sense of security that a smoke detector gives, especially with a dead battery, do fire prevention by avoiding risky and stupid behaviors.

I don't fry foods in oil that can set everything in fire, especially my internal organs. I only used candles in my bath but I don't even do that anymore.

Just use your own senses. But I guess that smokers can't really notice the smell of smoke anymore... they're used to have a constant rotten taste in their mouths so they wouldn't notice something unpleasant. Just don't smoke in bed or in the couch... you shouldn't smoke inside for the toxins gets trapped and accumulate, becoming deadlier and never letting your lungs get a break for repairs! At least don't smoke while sleepy or out of your mind with booze or drugs... but that's when you want to do it... as if more of the wrong thing could make you feel better about a denied need. (Lack of the B complex causes the worse cravings and addiction can go away thanks to them).

Maybe stupid people should just be left to burn alive... so they can't multiply. Only people with a strong survival instinct would survive bad luck...

Lisa Of Shades
13 September 2014

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Creepshow 3: Grains

Grains: white & whole. They ruin your skin, your figure and everything else. Void of nutrition, they leave you mindlesly hungry. Go nuts, greens, eggs and fresh meats.

Grains white and whole are bad for skin and everything. Cake. Acne. Hungry. Nutrition. ~ Creepshow

Creepshow 3 movie infos at IMDb.

I'll include dairy in fresh meat since it' from an animal. I also include some fruits in greens and almost any colored vegetable.

You get the general idea: no synthetic toxins in worthless fillers!

If they need to add dyes and brain damaging flavors to make it palatable, then it’s garbage!!!

Grains, soy and corn are 3 cheap fillers that are promoted as healthy by corporations who only have their own profit at heart. They wreck havoc in your body. But the worse part is what you don't see... if you feel distressed it's for a good reason. Your brain can't work well unless you feed him well and that includes fresh (not fried rancid) FATS!

Pellagra (lack of B3) and scurvy (C) can affect the skin. Hormonal imbalance and damaged kidneys too. All reasons to turn to green living foods and other creatures.

If it looks the same as a sponge, it's probably one. Filling your tummy with sponges might make it stop growling, but it won't nourish your brain and vital organs to work properly.

The fiber in whole grains is closer to paper. It’s the watery ones from vegetables that will make you feel full and clean you (detox), instead to bloat and constipate you (colon cancer).

I made an omelet with 3 eggs and added my own jam on top. I boiled 3 strawberries in a little water, some maple syrup (it has some nutrients), and a cacao bean (100% chocolate). I boiled it until it looked like jam. It was bloody amazing. It was like eating a cake without the cake, only the nutrition.

Instead to feel like sand by being filled with cheap sugar, it tasted real. Instead to taste like paint from dye (it doesn’t fool me anymore) it tasted like fruits! It was like eating a garden. Not the snot filler that taste like a lie.

It was fluffy (I added a rich goat milk bio to the eggs and some bicarbonate and a pinch of Grey Celtic Sea Salt), not like a vomit paste of cardboard. You don’t know what you are missing. But you’re really being fooled!

Lisa Of Shades
18 September 2014

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Tinker Bell: Genius

Genius. Transforming disasters into innovations.

Genius turns disasters into innovations ~ Tinker Bell Lost treasure

From the movie Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009).

It turns out that breaking it "maximizes the Moon stone surface area" and produced more dust than ever before. *inserts cocaine joke*

So horrible mistakes can be an opportunity to discover something way better you'd never think of otherwise. We shine best in hardship. So stop sulking and get thinking!

Lisa Of Shades
18 September 2014

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Frozen: Olaf VS Anorexic Barbie

Olaf: “I don’t have a skull. Or bones.” Barbie: “Me neither! That’s how I’m so thin! The brain is made of fat. You don’t need it. I have only air. Tee hee!” Anorexic: “Yes... master... I must be 0% fat 100% plastic.” Olaf: “She’s craaazy! Because I love you, I insist that you eat. And no laxatives or puke bullshit. You can eat as many greens as you want. But not my nose.” Eat! Put fat in your skull and meat on your bones! Then maybe you won’t be so stupid and ugly. Normal is sick. Go nuts and eat them. Stop taking orders from a piece of plastic. She’s not alive and you won’t be for long unless you choose a healthy role model.

Frozen Olaf VS anorexic barbie ~ Because I love you I insist that you eat

It's Olaf, the snowman who likes warm hugs and summer from the movie Frozen!

The Barbie and anorexia comparison is from mit2662.blogspot.

My role model was Sigourney Weaver in Aliens. Ha! I don't understand why people choose objects, some people seem to choose dirigible balloon according to their huge asses. Their foods are actually objects too with all the chemicals. Not eating would be better, but just eat FOOD!

Don't turn to objects for life lessons. Unless it's Olaf. Because he's alive and a person. I love you Olaf! *Warm hugs* He's made of 100% irony.

I read “Barbie didn’t make me anorexic.” True. And spoons didn’t make people obese. Ignorance and stupidity combined with neglect, insecurities and emotional issues did. Nothing is as simple as calling people stupid… But it helps me feel better in front of their self inflicted misery. If you want to kill yourself, be quick about it and don’t make people watch. Unless they bought a ticket willingly.

Lisa Of Shades
19 September 2014

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Frozen: Elsa ~ Let it go ~ Good in bad

Good. Goals: Trying to be perfect and please people. Rewards: Terror, loneliness and misery. Bad. Goals: Screwed up, fell into despair, gave up and let it go. Running for your own life, your own way. Rewards: Freedom, happiness, discovering who you are
and enjoying it. People come to you, declaring their love or wanting to kill you. But at least you can finally feel something: feel alive! Good in bad. Bad in good. Choose what’s good for you. No matter what you do, people will love and hate you. Some even love to hate, are happy to be sad, or demand impossible expectations to laugh as you fall. Let it go and enjoy yourself~

Frozen: Elsa ~ Let it go ~ Good in bad ~ demotivational

Yup. People are even more messed up than you are. Self pity avoids the fact that you have a responsibility. If you admit that you should and can do something about it, you can't just sit on your ass whining to be pampered like a baby. Some people choose that over being strong and independent. There's both good and bad in it. I think it's the wrong kind of bad.

By bad I don’t mean to blindly do self destructive things in the name of partying your brains out. I mean to dare to make mistakes trying to figure out your own path, not the path that other people try to impose on you for their OWN benefits, like cattle that you have to convince before you can milk them for life. Don’t mindlessly listen to pubs in magazines or pushers for booze and drugs; in the streets or an office (Big Pharma is worse).

I’m kinda addicted to anger; it gives me a boost of adrenalin. It’s nice when I'm tired, but it creates a vicious cycle since it exhausts my adrenals. So now I try to avoid it, but some people will try to provoke any reasons to be angry. Setting too high expectations for others is just one way, but they’ll distort facts and make up anything they want to believe to feel justified. Just because they feel like hurting you. It gives them a power trip to control and crush you. To feel good with themselves and so righteous, they’ll make sure that you fail and give them an excuse.

There’s no way that you can meet their expectations because it would disappoint them! They want to see you fall, to laugh at you, to feel strong looking down on you, crushing you… so they won’t feel so pathetic anymore… so they’ll feel important as you dance at their every whims… by morbid curiosity to see how much you can endure before you shatter. To see how much they can get for their own benefit.

Everyone is like that, some people do it more or better than others. But some are just the acts of pathetic people who can’t dance themselves. Some are too busy flying to inflict bullshit on others. Survival is messy. Everyone is in for themselves. And you have to keep your own best interests at heart too.

Because if you feel utterly miserable, you won’t be able to share happiness. If you fear and hate yourself, you won’t be able to share love. And if you judge and condemn yourself, it won’t make much of a difference if people do or not. But if you stop giving a damn about their dirty mouths, they will walk away powerless. Or sometimes you have to throw them away, perhaps with a few kicks.

Do whatever you have to do, but not to agonize trying to please bitter people who enjoy their own poisons, do whatever it takes to be free~

Sometimes despair is just giving up on what's wrong to make space for what's right for you.

Lisa Of Shades
19 September 2014

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Animals have a face

Notices that animals have a face: ( ) Stops eating meat (X) Starts eating people too. Plants are sentient even if you don’t hear them scream while you eat them alive. Accept how life works. Eat life with everything you need! If you care about animal rights, then become an activist fighting for their quality of life and painless death. Otherwise, you’re just a hypocrite turning your back on their suffering too.

Hannibal Lecter ~ vegetarianism vs. cannibalism ~ Animal have faces ~ tomato ~ vegetarian cannibal

I read that argument too often about why people become vegetarians: It has a face. Here's the alternative choice!

Of course it’s alive, that’s how you can use it to prolong your own. Plants transform inanimate materials into life, and then it’s passed through the food chain. Predators are higher in the food chain because they have other things to do than graze all day, thanks to eating the meat and nutrients stored in the organs of herbivores. Then they’re eaten by insects to be returned to the earth and infused life into by plants, or the insects are eaten by birds, which are eaten by predators… and the cycle of life is endless. There’s not really death, the cells just move from an organism to another. The memory and individuality might change, but life is still there, just passed on. That’s how life works and it’s perfectly natural. Humanity tries to skip steps by using inanimate synthetic materials, because it’s faster and cheaper. But even if it looks and tastes the same (or better) it doesn’t have life into it, your body wasn’t meant to be able to use it, so it’s toxic, and instead to prolong your life it destroys it. And you’re constantly hungry and craving the real nutrients to make the body process possible, like a recipe missing ingredients.

Death is a natural part of life, that’s not the problem. It’s miserable conditions of life that are intolerable, the animals are so tortured that they’re actually better of dead! But being cruel and beating them up slowly instead of giving them a quick and painless death is also the problem, not the death itself. An animal who lives his happy life, then dies without agony, is perfectly natural. Predators hunts and kill. But we deny them life and a minimum of freedom for their entire existence, that’s way worse, the dying part is the best that is offered to them under such horrible conditions.

But the reason why they’re overcrowded in unsanitary conditions, sick, and aggressive towards each other because they have no room to even move, even less enjoy themselves… it’s not because we are mean, or even eat them… it’s not even because people are selfish and obsessed with profits… it’s because THERE’S WAY TOO MANY OF US!!! Back when everyone had his big farm, with the animal they needed roaming free, because they had so much space that they could spare some for them, overcrowding them was utterly unnecessary. But now that we live in cities, a dozen of families piled up in building with little or no backyard… there’s not enough land anymore! So the animals are piled up too, because we are, because we reproduced way too much in our obsession that all life is precious, and that anything that doesn’t lead to sex somehow is a waste of time.

It’s not just the people who eat animals, it’s our entire way of thinking and overpopulating as a whole society. We do it to vegetables too, trying to boost how fast they grow and to prevent sharing with insects and weed, we pray poisons, we modify their gene so they can tolerate more poison without withering… but even if they’re tall, they end up empty of nutrients because it takes time to convert lifelessness into life. We force them to use their nutritious reserves to heal the damage, so there’s nothing left to eat, just an empty shell.

So eat everything you need, because vegetables doesn’t have much B12 necessary to make the red blood cells that carry oxygen to the brain, and that’s freaking dangerous. You can’t think clearly, be happy and calm while suffocating. Anemia can causes psychosis for that reason, because you’re in deadly distress.

But for the love of life, stop making so many babies.

Avoid overpopulation to leave people, animals and plants some room; so they can grow and be happy. Instead to be squeezed in a tight spot, lack the bare necessities, freedom and peace... frustrated, stressed out… and feel the need to take it out on helpless animals who already suffer the same.

Saying "Oh I don't eat meat, it's not my fault, not my problem." Is hypocritical and disgusting. You turn your back on their plea AND on your own needs! If you truly care, then make sure they have a life worth living and a death without the agony of disease and mistreatment. Yes, animals are people too. But turning vegan is as extreme as becoming a cannibal (which I'd prefer).

Either way, it's your choice. But choosing to pay extra to eat organic meat, raised with care and killed mercifully, would make a statement too. And a much better one than letting companies mislead you into thinking that unfermented toxic genetically modified soy is good for you and nutritive enough, when even the corrupt FDA only gave it a GRASS safe status to be used in cardboard.

Enjoy flesh~ But please make sure babies don't come out of it. We're overpopulated and overcrowded enough. So much that maybe we should start eating each other.

Hannibal Lecter from rap.genius. (Two words that don't seem to fit together...)

Tomato from english1105.wordpress. It's a Heinz publicity "No sin. More tomatoes less sugar." Less means that it's still there. Ketchup doesn't count as a portion of vegetables, with all the toxic dye, high fructose corn syrup (GMO corn is already bad) or sugar from beets that are also GMO... and preservatives... It's an abomination and showing you a tomato is to deceive you.

GMO ketchup backlash goes viral after Heinz joins fight against proposition 37 at wtfrly. A Mandatory GMO-Labeling, that was rejected by votes, people enjoy being ignorant but putting their head in their asses won't save them from what's coming... and is right here, now!

Go look at what GMO does to rats. Maybe they're cute if you like Picasso (a painted that paints abstract, he deformed faces and proportions), but when you look obese from tumors instead of fat, the shit hit the fan and is real:

"The only published human feeding study revealed that the gene inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function, meaning that long after we stop eating GMOs, we may still have potentially harmful GM proteins producing pesticides continuously in our intestinal flora, perhaps one reason why doctors have reported a huge increase in gastrointestinal problems over the last decade when genetically modified food has become widespread."

Pepsi's secret ingredient: ABORTED BABIES! I really like their humoristic picture, it has a lot of synthetic abominations that can't possibly nourish you and make you feel well, with antidepressants on the side! HA! It's from deesillustration and his site is filled with other sarcastic delights!

I found out really messed up stuff doing image research, and not the fun kind...

GORE Shocking photos: human cannibalism in communist China today! at piratenews-tv.blogspot. "Shanghaied is infamous for cannibals kidnapping US citizens on ships 100 years ago" ... "During the Communist Revolution in China, funded by USA and kosher British banksters, cannibalism of intellectuals and school teachers was common."

As if being ignorant wasn't bad enough... they eat the intelligent people... I prefer Japan.

GORE: Thai cannibal kills and eats sons thought they were pigs at wazaap. "Mother butchered her two sons, ages 1 and 5, and proceeded to cook and eat them. According to the Bangkok Post, law enforcement officials allegedly found the woman asleep with several body parts strewn around her. Later, they reportedly learned she had been treated for mental illness since 2007." Malnutrition can do that to someone's mind...

GORE: Ronald Poppo, Miami cannibal attack victim ‘living happily' a year after Rudy Eugene gnawed off his face

People do drugs (medicine is the same thing) to boost their body and force it to do things that it doesn’t have the nutrients for. If you’re starving because you save your money only for drugs, your body will be sluggish, miserable and will preserve energy like a bear sleeping during winter. So if you do speed to force your metabolism to go BOOM, without food, you’ll be mindlessly hungry… and your primal brain, responsible for survival, will make you jump on the first meat that you see… and your emotional brain will be too comatose from lack of energy to care, and your rational brain will be incapacitated too much from starvation to notice that it might be a bad idea…

So eat what you need as a priority, not drugs, not fluffy animals... eat while you still can... or your body will make you eat... and it could be those you love most.

The world is a messed up horrible place. So eat what you need to be strong, healthy and have an alert mind; before someone tries to eat you, metaphorically as we compete for resources and space, or literally…

I really hope that I'll never have to eat a human... but if I have to, to survive, I probably will. But after seeing the real thing I find it very disturbing…

Lisa Of Shades
16 October 2014

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ADHD is malnutrition

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It can’t possibly be from malnutrition. Their brain is defective because they’re born from inferior parents. They need even more chemicals, so let's give a street drug like SPEED to hyperactive children. What can possibly go wrong~? We’ll market it under a different name so it will sound professional. No one will notice how willfully ignorant Medical Doctors are. Ha!

ADD ADHD nutrition is more effective than even more chemicals and street drugs: speed, cocaine, meth

Drugs used for ADHD are similar (and the same) as the most dangerous street drugs. They’re addictive; destroy the blood, the nerves, the brain and your child’s personality, who he is as a person, and cause the very thing they claim to treat… and death. Don’t take your child to a drug pusher, in the gutter nor in an office. Clean his diet from chemicals and add the nutrients that are severely lacking in the standard diet. See a nutritionist is you can’t do it alone, or even better, a naturopath. Someone who’ll treat the whole child as a person, find the causes, and not just try to force the symptoms to go away without trying to understand why, with respect and intelligence.

Those drugs are like meth too! Stimulant ADHD medications methylphenidate amphetamines at "Stimulant medications including amphetamines (e.g., Adderall" called speed on the streets ") and METHylphenidate (e.g., Ritalin and Concerta) are often prescribed to treat children, adolescents, or adults. People with ADHD persistently have more difficulty paying attention or are more hyperactive or impulsive than other people the same age." Yeah right, boost impulsive people on speed...

They're already over stimulated, they need nourishment!
"A growing number of teenagers and young adults are abusing prescription stimulants to boost their study performance (“cognitive enhancement”)." How about feeding your brain what it needs to function (stable blood sugar with vegetables instead of raw sugar (processed grains), vitamin C (the brain is supposed to have a lot, especially the eyes and adrenal glands), and vitamin B complex to have a good oxygen supply with more red blood cells, for energy too. Uh~ how about that. Eat supper for breakfast instead of coffee, and drink a big glass of water.

Adderall side effects (amphetamines like speed) at rxlist. Just to name a few: “Hyperactivity” Psychiatric drugs often cause what they’re supposed to treat. It’s good for repeat business, that’s how they got so rich, they make BILLIONS. “psychosis often clinically indistinguishable from schizophrenia.” They like to cause much worse conditions too, to sell you many more drugs.

"extreme sadness or euphoria, fear, hallucinations, unusual behavior, muscle twitches, DANGEROUSLY high blood pressure (causing severe headache, anxiety, confusion, chest pain, shortness of breath, uneven heartbeats, seizure).” Oh yeah, that sounds so better. NOT!!! Some side effects are life threatening, but I guess there's no more problem when there's no more children.

Ritalin side effects (METHylphenidate Hcl) at webmd. It's the rare side effects that you have to find, the ones they want to hide and claim that can't happen to you, because it will. "Chronic trouble sleeping" sleep deprivation is a form of torture and can kill, if they're quiet from exhaustion it's not good for them.

"Nervous, over excitement" Ritalin causes what it's supposed to threat too. "Upper abdominal pain" I guess you can't run around when you're in PAIN. "Severe fast heart beat and high blood pressure" are common too, because if your child dies of a "heart attack", he can't annoy anyone anymore... how kind.

Destroys the blood: “Decreased blood platelets, white & red blood cells (anemia)” that’s what the body uses to heal, fight infections and carry oxygen to the brain... that can cause psychosis because it's suffocating the brain and it destroys it! "Hemorrhage in the brain, Mental disorder resulting from poisonous agents, Mental disorder with loss of normal personality & reality". It will destroy who he is as a person; he won't be your child anymore but an empty golden goose for the psychiatric industry. Parents who agree should have their child taken from protective services and go to jail for child endangerment. The physician should be executed for crimes against humanity.

Voluntary movement difficulty” making the child unable to physically move with chemical chains… how scientific. Let’s take away all his free will with “Neurological defect”. Why have a healthy, energetic, curious and creative child when you can have a cool zombie. If his brain wasn’t defective… it sure will become on the drug!!! Assholes.

"Failure to grow" let's stop him from thriving, he's going to stay immature even longer. "Mood changes" if you think that having a happy excited child is bad, wait until he's in a bad mood and boosted on speed.

"Occasional numbness, prickling, or tingling of fingers and toes" that's neuropathy, nerve DEATH... it happens in the brain too. "Problems with eyesight" if he's blind and knock himself out running into a wall, I guess he'll be quiet.

Maybe the drug works on hyperactivity and attention, but if it does it by destroying your child (or you) physically, mentally, and as a person... then that's not an improvement. It's DEATH.

"Seizures, stroke", I'm sure that parents who have a child with grand mal seizures would do anything to have an hyperactive happy child who's not suffering. You'll soon know why...

"Grinding of the teeth" maybe that's hypoglycemia, or maybe it's an outlet for repressed rage and the first step of being murdered in your sleep, you bad parents. If you do all this to your child (and more side effectsw too) you deserve it.


I used sarcasm there. Because the image made it so obvious that it's from too many chemicals and lack of actual nutrition... I wanted people to hear the lies spread by the media and Pharma, and finally cringe at how they are obviously wrong!

I wanted the parents to be slapped in the face by the reality that if it's not from the environment and diet, if the kids need to be drugged for life, then it's because they are failure as parents, genitors unfit to reproduce. Accepting the easy solution of drugging your kids is accepting to be looked down upon as defective too!

I'm a fan of deesillustration, his political satire section is awesome. It’s probably to warn against the brain damaging effects of artificial sweeteners, but it represents ADHD as well.

The ADHD scam and the mass drugging of schoolchildren by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, at naturalnews. I'm a HUGE fan of everything I read there. It's the best thing I ever read about ADHD.

"They were not growing as much as other children in terms of both their height and their weight. ADHD drugs stunt brain growth in children." Do you really need to know more side effects to agree that this is harming the children and making them WORSE!?

"Study in the UK that showed that additives cause hyperactivity in children within an hour after consumption. That's right. Food additives, especially the artificial colors. Made from coal tar derivatives and synthetic chemicals". No wonder they freak out like hell, they're being poisoned and running for their lives, but the chemical fire is inside them!

"Is there anything wrong with these children's brains? No, there is something wrong with these children's parents, who probably keep feeding him or her chemical food additives. There is probably something wrong with the school administrators who keep dishing out school lunches that contain food items made with toxic chemicals. Maybe those people should have their brains scanned." And forgotten in the machine to BURN.

"Psychiatry and Big Pharma have to keep pushing these drugs onto more children. They have to keep those parents in a state of fear. That's how they sell more drugs. They have to keep people believing in this fictitious disease. That's the only way they are going to make money. This is an industry that makes money by exploiting the bodies of children, and the evidence is very clear."

"Their marketing campaigns sound like compassionate public health campaigns. Oh, we care about these children so much that we have to sell them our over-priced monopoly prescription drugs that used to be sold as street drugs and would, in fact, get you arrested for a felony if you sold them to a child."

"We could cure children of this so-called behavioral disorder by doing two things: making the children healthy and making education a lot more interesting. These children do not have attention deficit problems. You set those young boys down in front of a Wii or an X-box or a Playstation and they can pay attention for about 12 hours straight. They do not even pee or eat."

"ADHD drugs are a crime against children."

"You may say "Well, my child has behavioral problems, he is difficult in school," or "The teacher has told me that I should put him on Ritalin. What do I do?" It is very simple: change the child's diet. Take all the processed foods out of his diet. Take away the food additives: the artificial colors, artificial flavors and processed sugars. Take all that out and fill his diet with wholesome foods: fresh produce, super food nutrients. (...) The brain runs on what is in your blood."

And that's from the ingredients that really are in your meals, not the pretty pictures on the box.

"We feed children junk food; cheap processed junk food that lacks the nutrients the brain needs to operate at a high performance. It is like putting water in your gas tank and then expecting the car to work correctly. It will not work that well."

Read more at naturalnews, it's priceless.

I don't have ADD or ADHD, but I have anemia and hypoglycemia. When that happens, especially at the same time, don't ask me to pay attention, my brain is half way to a coma! If I eat sugar, which I cannot metabolize well, I can become hyper. Allergies and toxins can either make someone sluggish.

But it can also trigger the fight of flight response, to survive this potentially deadly assault, making someone hyper, like someone who's drowning can be, but less obvious than a lake as the brain is flooded by toxins. Adding more chemicals is the worst idea. If street drugs are bad, what make you think that getting cocaine, meth and speed (amphetamines ) from an office will make them any safer!? They're not exactly the same, but they're all very similar, Ritalin too! Insecticide and rat poison are different, but in the end they both cause harm.

There are way more effective ways than drugs. Like getting rid of toxins that harm the brain and nourishing it. Sure you can force an anorexic to be able to stand up and avoid fainting by drinking coffee... but you're just masking the body's attempts to preserve its life. If they can't pay attention it's either because their brain don't have the energy... or because the teachers are way too boring. A life form isn't meant to be loaded on sugar and caffeine (cola) and speed of all things!!! And sit still staring at a boring black board!

Try feeding your child nutrient dense foods, like vegetables, and ditch the refined carbohydrates (grains) and sugars... they cause a huge boom of energy then a crash. The brain needs fresh (not fried) fats and loads of vitamin C (from greens) and proper electrolyte balance, not acidic colas which destroy minerals! There is no drug to cure stupidity, but nutrition can make a mind much sharper. I have to take supplements because my reserves were too depleted and my needs are too high. My brain lid like a Christmas tree from the B complex, I calmed down from the vitamin C and minerals... If I had taken drugs, I probably would be dead now...

It really doesn't take much poison to mess up a brain. A simple vaccine can paralyze a kid for life or kill. Why did they use mercury, a neurotoxin (brain destroyer) as a preservative? Because profits is more important to them than your child. because they'd rather waste a few kids than a few batches of products. Are you going to entrust the life of your loved ones to someone who think like that? Like a street pusher?

Enjoy the consequences of your choices~
Lisa Of Shades
16 October 2014

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Mike Adams ~ Savior

Mike Adams. Ô savior. Deliver us from evil misinformation. Ô savior. Deliver us from evil misinformation.

Mike Adams ~ Health ranger ~ Savior Jesus Christ ~ Deliver us from evil misinformation ~ Demotivational

(EDITED: I first added "Fresh meat and vegetables make you healthy. Don’t be a mindless sheep. Eat them. Feed on life, not synthetic toxins. (He’s vegetarian, but everyone can enjoy the health benefits of vegetables.)"

But he educates us about such a variety of things for our health that I removed my feeble example... and it doesn't reflect his views but mine. He’s a vegetarian, he used to be vegan. He eats eggs and fish now. I guess I'm going to hell for the rest... No need to go that far to enjoy vegetables. He still has amazing ideas; I guess I don't have to agree with everything, any little improvement on health habits is great. With a vegetarian and especially vegan lifestyle, it's way too hard to balance the B12 and other stuff, tofu is toxic, so I'd never promote denying what the body requires. Meat and vegetables are both needed, nourishing and alive! Becoming a vegetarian to avoid killing is impossible, because plants are alive and sentient too! Life needs to be passed on, that’s how it works! So just to eat life without toxins. But I'd rather eat animals that lived a good life and had a merciful death. I have to eat. Anemia, lacking oxygen carriers, can cause exhaustion and psychosis, you don't mess with that.)

Medical doctors never helped me, when I saw any difference I was worse. Until I discovered the natural ways, then it opened my mind to a whole new world. I first saw Mike Adams, the health ranger, in the movie "Hungry for change". Everyone in that movie is amazing. I soon found out that many of the best pages I ever read (insightful, funny, liberating, finally making sense and actually helping for once) were written by him!!!

Visit his sites, it will be time and brain cells well spent:
  • Natural News: Breaking news and articles on natural health. (Awesome)
  • The Health ranger: Sharing empowering videos to help improve personal and planetary help. (He has cartoons too~)
I wanted to do a Jesus Christ montage for a long time, religion never saved my body of my soul, but what he has to say truly can, NOW, not after you die. I lived hell and I finally found a heaven of delight, textures, flavors, mental alertness and well being; thanks to REAL food and the people advocating them.

If you’re thinking that I’ll go in hell for this. I’ve been in hell, for disrespecting myself and my own body’s needs. And I know how to get out.

I meant no disrespect to the artist; I took the picture from freejesuschristwallpapers. (He said it was free...) I rarely add the site's address in the poster unless it's signed on the image, but I appreciated the art enough to wish to give credit to the site, even though I disfigured Jesus... (and I'm not sure about the Lion King reference... Meh, Christianity is a fairy tales too... except for the children that have been molested by priests...) But I respect the artist. Mike Adams might not approve of this.

Mike might be even more to my liking with long hairs. But his head is shaved; he's a scientist, not an uneducated hippie; he's armed with more than good intention and love: cold hard FACTS in all their sarcastic glory~

"Eat them" refers to fresh meat and vegetables... so it also means to eat sheep. Bio goat products are even tastier~ Screw the herd mentality; it’s heading off a cliff!


Lisa Of Shades
17 October 2014

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Exercise for weight loss is a lie

Fat, tied & in pain. You’re not fat because you eat too much & don’t exercise. It’s a LIE to keep selling you junk food and blame its devastating results on you! You’re fat AND can’t move because you’re malnourished. Both poisoned & starving for the nutrients that you need to function. Toxins are stored in your fat to protect you. You need more of the vitamin B complex to be able to burn energy. It’s required to make the red blood cells that carry oxygen and fire can’t burn without it! If you’re well fed, you’ll have the URGE to move. Otherwise, you’ll preserve energy to survive and you’ll crave nutrients, until you stop eating toxic empty trash. Without sufficient vitamin C for collagen, the elastic glue that holds you together, your whole body & mind disintegrate in pain.

Fat, tired and in pain ~ exercise for weight loss is a lie ~ stop toxins start nutrients ~ vitamins ~ juicing

I got the idea after watching the movie "Fat, sick and nearly dead", about obese very sick people getting their life back with vegetable juicing, and stopping to stuff their faces with garbage. And sure exercise once you're able. But making a guy run when he carries the equivalent of 13 extra bowling balls is just cruel.

Even if you manage to eat a 5 pounds of carrots, you'll poop so much that you won't become obese from it, or that would be a super healthy fat. But the picture looks like a soy belly, it mimics the female hormone so guys end up looking pregnant, with boobs, and it destroys the libido too.

I actually took the picture from slideshow: a visual guide to sleep disorders at webmd. You need energy to sleep, that's when your body truly gets alive and use energy. You're only awake to find the specific nourishment that your cells need to survive. They won't let you sleep if you don't do your duty. Or if you force them to function with stimulants, coffee and everything you consume stays in your blood at least 3 days... so it will obviously affect you all night too. What seem useful short term can sabotage you long term, making it pointless and harmful. Get rid of the problem, provide the real needs.

Lisa Of Shades
18 October 2014

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Adrenal fatigue ~ Overclocked

Adrenal fatigue. Depression is actually Adrenal Fatigue. It’s like overclocking a computer. If you force something beyond its limits without providing the needs required, to gain more than you can and should... It burns out, becoming a depressing useless pain. It true about computers, your body, credit, and everything in life.

Adrenal fatigue depression overclock computer burn out ~ demotivational

Nothing's free in life, you always have to pay for it sooner or later... better little by little as you go than have it explode in your face!

The image is from Extreme Overclocked Video card explodes at YouTube. Pouring water on electric appliances that seem to be still plugged doesn't seem very clever either...

More about Adrenal Fatigue.

You can't just sleep it off, but of course you have to rest and repay the debt that you accumulated ignoring your limits and needs. You have to eat the materials that you needed to function in the first place, and do less than normal to rebuild your reserves... and vital organs. Juicing and supplements can help make it faster.

You think that you're smarter than your body and believe that you can trick life itself? Brace yourself for pain and despair.

Lisa Of Shades
4 November 2014

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Vegetable & fruit party

Vitamins & minerals. Better than drugs. Magnesium supplements can cause euphoria. High doses of Vitamin C too, with a sedative effect. Your brain is happy when your needs are fulfilled~

Vegetable and fruit party ~ Vitamin and mineral are better than drug ~ get high dose of supplements ~ magnesium euphoria ~ vitamin C sedative ~ cure depression

The image is from weirdnutdaily. It said “You don’t need drugs to have a good time.” with an answer “You’re expecting me to believe that drugs were not involved here.”

To that I reply knowledge:

Why take drugs to mask the pain when you can give your brain the nutrients that he needs to be able to give you happy juices! Provide a lot of building materials and you’ll get a lot produced. It’s as simple as that.

Serotonin is produced in the GUT with magnesium! So depression was never a brain problem… it’s a NUTRITIONAL problem! It was never just in your head, that's why will power alone and good will WILL NEVER WORK! It only helps endure the problem, but it can be solved!

Anxiety is the same; it's just your body asking you to avoid situations that drains more energy than you can spend, for energy preservation... for LIFE PRESERVATION! But you only need to fear what you put in your mouth, or not. If you're well fed, you'll be able to cope and find solution for all the other shit.

Malnutrition causes problems in the entire body. That’s why depression is actually a symptom of a disease, and not a disease by itself: hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, anemia… adrenal fatigue… and an endless list. They all have that symptom, among many other.

Depression doesn't cause exhaustion. A burned out body with VITAL ORGANS SHUTTING DOWN!! is making your brain distressed, depressed (AND RIGHTFULLY SO!), and calling for your conscious help! It can all be improved by food, and ONLY by food.

Rest is good during a burn out and exhaustion, but it’s not enough. You need to provide the materials for repairs!

That’s why your rest isn’t restorative. It’s like plugging a rechargeable battery but forgetting to provide a current… You. Need. REAL LIVING FOODS! And if you reed the ingredients of processed products, it’s not food. It’s not alive to have a long shelf “life”, but there’s no life to help you renew and prolong your own!

Enjoy vegetables, FRESH meat, fruits, and go nuts! They’re delicious too~

Lisa Of Shades
11 November 2014

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Depression is EXHAUSTION!

Depression is EXHAUSTION! It may seem doable, good and enjoyable; but you’ll be depressed if your body burns out. Respect your limits & nutritional needs. Your metabolism requires more than calories to function. If you don’t consume enough vitamins & minerals, you’ll use your flesh & bones.

Depression is exhaustion ~ burn out ~ overload outlet fire ~ respect your limits and nutritional needs ~ demotivational poster

First poster of the year and since a while.

I found the image from How many things can you plug into an electrical outlet before it catches fire? at home.howstuffworks.

For my page Health ~ Depression ~ It's exhaustion not depression!

From this image it's obvious that you're sucking too much power and will either overload the breaker until you end up sad in the dark with no power left at all and nothing working, or your house will burn out and... die.

We have this false belief that "when we want we can" implying "well, if you can't then you're not having enough will power". People who end up so burned out that they can't get out of bed aren't being lazy or sad... you have to burn a whole lot of will power to eventually end up like this.

Yes, you can use will power to bypass the body's wisdom to rest and slow down when you're exhausted or don't have enough resources (nutritional or support)... but once your adrenal glands starts to shut down from exhaustion, they can't use adrenalin to handle stress anymore, all your endocrine system shuts down, and your vital organs... because there's a limit to how much you can cannibalize your own flesh and bones before being unable to move... or live.

People think that you can just eat calories and they will magically burn out of sheer will power if you just get up your fat ass and exercise.

But you got fat as your body desperately craved the nutrients necessary to even burn energy: the B complex and vitamin C to stabilize blood sugar and heal worn out flesh.

If all you eat is sugar, grains, artificial flavors and colors... your metabolic processes won't be able to happen. It takes magnesium to make serotonin, not good will. And serotonin makes you feel good, it doesn't give you energy. Adrenalin does, and that's the adrenal glands. It's not even in the head but on top of your kidney! No wonder you get back pain... It's not because you're sad!!! But dying tends to feel that way.

Nourish yourself until you can move. If you're well nourished, you'll have the urge to move. But forcing yourself to imitate healthy people won't make you healthy. People will cardiac problems won't become healthier by running a marathon like the people who have a strong heart. Sick people will get a heart attack and die from this. Exhausted people who can’t even produce the energy to do what they love have good reasons to be depressed… and a DRUG, just as toxic and deadly (and more) as a vulgar street drug that will force the brain to feel happy about dying won’t change the fact that you are… it won’t heal you… and if you are so high that you find the mania to push yourself even more, you’ll just destroy your malnourished and exhausted even further. People use coffee, sugar, violent shows, anything to kick their adrenals to produce adrenalin and tell the whole body to work harder… when your thyroid is very wise to slow down to ration resources and energy until you nourish yourself and catch up to the deficiencies. If you so want a pill, then take water soluble vitamins & minerals, with lots of vitamin C.

If you're depressed... you're not taking care of yourself properly.

Nourish yourself until you can move. If you're well nourished, you'll have the urge to move. But forcing yourself to immitate healthy people won't make you healthy. People will cardiac problems won't become healthier by running a marrathon like the people who have a strong heart.

Sleeping isn't enough if you don't provide the materials to sleep, it will just be a too long coma, or your body won't allow you to sleep until you find and eat the nutrients.

You need more than sugar to live. Even a car needs more than gas to function. Your body is complex and depressed for a reason. Don't believe the ignorant people who have no clues about what you've been through. But in the end the reason of the exhaustion is absolutely irrelevant. Physical or emotional, liked or hated, imaginary or real... everything requires energy. And to make the body spend that energy and heal from it, you need vitamins and minerals. Then everything seem clearer and you can find a solution on your own, or be less afraid because you feel stronger, or feel enriched enough by fulfilling your needs to be able to let go of something that actually hurts you more than anything else...

Will power comes from nutrition.

Because you can't even think if you're starving, sleep deprived, exhausted, or poisoned. And a pill will only poison you further. It won't feed you and it won't enable your sleep to repair you with nutrients.

If you want to run away... run towards what you need.


Lisa Of Shades
9 January 2015

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