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Snowflake: Unique Heart Heart Heart
Chainsaw baby (3 versions)
Misanthropes on the Grim Reaper's side
Bars: cell phone vs. jail
Cell phone under the pillow: Brain tumor iFairy
Brain freeze
Organ transplant
Kidnapping pillow Heart Heart
Superhitler ~ Hitler as Superman Heart Heart
Hitler ~ Basketball Heart
Save the princess... from yourself
Hitler ~ God bless America Heart
Hitler ~ Buzz Lightyear Heart Heart Heart
Hitler ~ Descent into madness Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Snowflake: Unique Heart Heart Heart

You’re unique like a beautiful snowflake~
Now go melt away and disappear!

Snowflake unique, melt away and disappear, car windshield, water crystal

I adore snow. It's people's stupidity that gives me a brain freeze.

It's especially hilarious when you notice that the snowflakes are exactly the same. I never do that, I at least vary the size and shade. Not so unique and there's so many of them. So saying that you're unique like a snowflake is like saying that you're very insignificant, especially by yourself. Like a grain of sand in an eternity of stars~ Well, we actually are.

The snowflake is actually a Emoto's water cristals from masaru-emoto. That link is really worth visiting.

I took the picture from (confusing name... lame.) I made the lights less bright to put the emphasis on the snowflakes. It looks like they're about to have an accident. But the snowflakes are screaming because they're crashing down. Robot Chicken made a sketch about that. "Ah~ so romantic and peaceful" while the flakes were shrieking with tiny voices.

I made the faces myself. Maybe I can draw after all.

The last sentence is so freaking harsh that it's hilarious. I felt that way at some point, I probably should, but reading it in such a causal and blunt way... with cute snowflakes shrieking their eyes out staring at me... God it's so morbid, mean and cute that it's cheering me up!

I'm laughing so hard!

My other ideas are not as amazing. But it’s okay~ We have to go through a whole lot of pebbles to find a gem. Even when you’re a complete failure, you can come across the wonderful exception that confirms the rule.

Lisa Of Shades
13 June 2014

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Chainsaw baby (3 versions)

Invented to help pregnant women deliver babies. Because men “care” about women and want to “help” them. They’re just too stupid to know how to avoid making things worse. So when you feel like your man doesn’t do enough for you... Feel relieved and do it yourself, instead to nag! If you cooked him something more nutritious than a boring sandwich, he’d have more energy.

Hello Kitty chainsaw ~ Invented to help pregnant women deliver babies

Deadpool chainsaw ~ Invented to help pregnant women deliver babies

Deadpool chainsaw ~ baby’s view coming out of vagina

I took the image from another demotivational poster: Hello Kitty chainsaw: If your date has one, RUN! at motifake. Great site, endless fun.

The deadpool wallpaper for the new version is from entertainment.desktopnexus. I edited the text for "Congratulation! It was a boy... but I cut off his dick by accident." And added tacos and pancakes to the list of foods since Deadpool eat a lot of them. You can't live on that and have lots of energy... unless you're a mutant. But people usually mutate into cancers... so I wouldn't count on getting super powers from junk food.

Read the facts about the invention of the chainsaw at omg-facts. They have an hilarious image. I already ranted about that in my Humor ~ Various ideas ~ Random jokes 2 if you wish to enjoy my angry outbursts, sometimes great jokes come out of it.

It's nice that I seem to be on the woman's side, then I bitch her just as much. I'm a realist misanthrope, I know that both gender are dumb, perhaps for different reasons, but just as much.

Telling women to make a sandwich is something that I see often in demotivational posters. Make vegetables sautés with chicken, a salad and a bone broth soup... He's too stupid to ask for decent food, it doesn't mean that he doesn't need it to have energy.

But, guys, do your share. Pick up your damn socks. It takes just as much energy to throw them in the laundry basket than on the floor. Stop making it harder on women for nothing.

And maybe a chainsaw, or cutting her from her V to her A, will make the baby come out faster... but as much as I value results... babies aren't fast food hamburgers... The process matters just as well... Disfiguring her vagina for life or hurting the baby's head (when humans are already pathetic at using it) isn't worth saving time. If time is money, then let her shriek while you go win some. As fun as giving support is; sometimes it's best just to do nothing, or not be there at all. Thanks dad. Every time I heard you speak or saw you act it reminded me how lucky I was when you completely ignored me.

How about doing circumcisions with a chainsaw, hm? See how you'd like it. That foreskin sure would fly off fast! More productivity, more money. Oups I cut off your ball too by "accident". My bad *wink, WINK*


I found a way to make it even more horrifying, by creating the baby’s view sliding out of the vagina, full of veins (I wanted to add pubes but it would have been too gross), sliding out of the dark… into the light. Don’t go into the light! That’s probably what a lot of babies saw… and why men are obsessed with returning back in there (some men even have baby fantasies and literally going back into the womb). Insecure pussies.

Lisa Of Shades
13 June 2014
Version Deadpool: 14 June 2014
Version vagina: 20 June 2014

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Misanthropes on the Grim Reaper's side

They don’t take any gender’s side. They’re not sexist.
They don’t take any nationality’s side. They’re not racist.
They take the Grim Reaper’s side. Hating everyone to death; equally.

Misanthropes don’t discriminate; they hate everyone. Grim Reaper.

I had a friend with a great shirt that changed my life and helped me understand my own heart: “Misanthropes. I don’t discriminate; I hate everyone.”

I took the picture from How to draw a grim reaper skull tattoo at dragoart. Amazing. Great tutorial! Here is mine:
  • Have an innate talent to understand and visualize 3D perspective.
  • Grab a pen.
It helps if you:
  • Have imagination and patience.
  • Observe some stuff. For hours.
  • Try and try again even if you suck more than you'd like.
It took me forever to find the right phrasing. Being a French Canadian made it hard. I have no tolerance for people who are wore at their own language than I am at my second. They made learning harder. I especially loathe the people who do it on purpose, celebrating mediocrity.

God, my eyes are so dry right now I almost envy people who are crying right now. Tch, love... endless tears. Hate... endless fun~ I can still be civil though. I have to. I'd get in so much trouble if I hacked people just because it makes me feel better.

So next time you feel like bitching someone, take the time to think... Maybe it's a psychopath just waiting for some excuse to let all hell breaks loose... or a psychosis waiting to happen. Is being a bitch really worth risking your life?

You’re not the worse thing out there,; at least not in every ways… some people have more imagination than you do at messing with people.

Someone backstabbed me for no reason, really hurt me about something very dear to me, just because she was having a bad day and too much of a coward to kindly tell it to my face… I wanted to kidnap her pets for days… and then shatter all hopes by nailing it on her door. But I felt sorry for the pet.

So when you see someone extremely nice, maybe they’re not weak and a pushover easy to exploit, or a public punching bag… maybe they’re trying really hard to completely suppress severe murderous intent… which happens when you're treated this way, especially when it's unjust.

You really don’t need to give psychos extra reasons, just the fact that you’re breathing is irritating enough. So please try to make it easier for all the blood thirsty psychopaths out there. The vampire-like blood thirsty anemics, the werewolf-like mindlessly enraged hypoglycemics, or those just having a score to settle with humanity… (I'm all of it.) If we can hold back that much wrath, you can control your spoiled brat attitude. So shut it before we break it.

Lisa Of Shades
13 June 2014

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Bars: cell phone vs. jail

Sometimes you want more. Sometimes you want less. Be careful what you wish for. Your god could misunderstand just for the pleasure of screwing with you.

Bars cell phone jail, be careful what you wish for, god fuck you

The bars aren't in the wrong order by mistake; they're a "fuck you".

I added an exclamation point to Bars to have 5 tall characters, like the phone’s bars.

Phone image from::

Pew Internet study: 13 of cell owners pretended to be using their phone at digitaltrends. "to avoid human interaction" and I thought they were supposed to help us communicate. HA! "42% cited having trouble doing a task or work because their phone wasn’t nearby." Like dogs with separation anxiety. Pathetic. It really did fry their brains and they're addicted to the waves. Oh no~ I could miss an important email about a cat. The study "reveals a growing population that can’t be without its phone".

"Only 17 percent are without the device today." 17% are still sane. I actually do have a cell phone. I removed the battery and threw it in my closet. It kept beeping to be plugged and unplugged!!! Can't you just stay plugged like a good old home phone, when I don't need you, and shut the hell up! It's like a freaking baby. I don't have those either.

"Only 29 percent of adults say they’ve turned their cell phone off to get a break from use. Never hurts to tune out every now and then; even if you’re in the minority." Being an abnormal minority is awesome when what's standard is frying the few brain cells that you have and even get brain cancer. Not using it wisely and being jailed by it doesn't make you cool just because you own one... not if it owns you.

Cell phones are over rated: Perhaps they should have tested more - Apple iPhone 4 at

Recently, Apple iPhone 4 users have been complaining about poor reception when the phone was held certain ways. Apple has now figured out that the algorithm for calculating the number of bars to display has been wrong for a long time!
  • Many users are seeing full bars in weak signal areas
  • Bars don't change at all between good and moderate signal
  • Formula for the way signal bars are displayed is "totally wrong"
  • Bars incorrect in every iPhone from the first-generation model to the latest
  • Apple is "stunned"
  • Apple is making bars 1, 2 and 3 taller, so they will be "easier to see"

So apple is surprised that his phone is crap from the start (I'm not. I'm a PC girl.) and instead to fix the program they'll just make the bars prettier... Riiight. Why produce quality when you can create a hype with publicity, to make insignificant people feel more important by associating with your arrogant name, who deliver crap once you pay attention to the actual results. Tch.

I used to adore technology, but when I saw how wrong it was used, that it was just one more tool to make jerks justify their jerkiness... I got really fed up. I even quit my career. I wanted to make web design a better place, one site at a time, make people's lives easier... I bet the people who made the cell phone thinking that it would connect people got devastated to see it used to ignore them...

Oh wait, most technologies start in the army, so they were used to kill people. I guess they're doing a great job after all! With car accidents from inattention to brain tumors in kids who put them under their pillow at night... The tumor fairy comes to visit~

Hey I think I love killer cell phones now. Cell phones users... not so much.

Jail image from:

Woman Says arm was amputated due to police brutality at kulturekritic. They denied her medical care in jail when it could have been saved. Well, doctors are retards so it probably wouldn't have made a difference... Moral of the story, don't do "disorderly conduct"... maybe your parents didn't care enough to beat you, but the police doesn't care if you loose limbs when they do.

"They put on the handcuffs “too tight,” which led to “compartment syndrome,” which is increased pressure in a muscle compartment that can damage both muscles and nerves" after a week it was too late." Take note for when you'll do BDSM kids. Don't tie each other up until you turn blue like a smurf.

"She faced two charges this year: simple assault and resisting arrest." So... you attack people, then complain that you get hurt when someone does it back at you while you're in the bathroom... You resist and attack some more... and wonder why they had to use an increasing amount of force!? Those men are paid to handcuff a woman, did you really think that they'd let you go?

Loosing a limb is horrifying... but you started the fight and you lost it. I'll save my compassion for kids nicely walking on the sidewalk, who get hit by a drunk driver when they're not even on the street, and shredded screaming on many kilometers while he's trying to flee in a way that booze can't help... ripping the kid to shred... and the parents ending up seeing the results.

As much as I'm a misanthrope... THAT's too harsh.

I've been denied medical care too, when I had committed no crimes. People would rather play with their phone than do their job, dismissing what's not pleasant so they can be in a pink bubble of denial... Even doctors do that because they’re humans too. Then people wish for things to magically fix themselves after they screwed them up, or expect others to do it for them after giving them crap! Well, maybe there’s justice after all; because you sure got punished and it’s going to be harder for you to hit people with only one arm.

Well, if there's a good, he's laughing at you.


Lisa Of Shades
14 June 2014

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Cell phone under the pillow: Brain tumor iFairy

Kids! Put your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTablet or iLaptop with Wi-Fi under your pillow and you’ll be visited by the... Brain tumor iFairy!!!

Comes with all brand names and mobile devices, even when you think it’s turned off but it never is. Their radiations damage your brain, trigger headache & muscle pain. Also reduce sperm count, harm fetuses, cause cancer & kill slowly. Not only during sleep but also every time you carry and use them. If there is Wi-Fi around, it’s happening to YOU! Trust wires. When they strangle you, it’s easy to notice & stop them. Life is too hard? Buy an iDeath. It’s convenient~

Cell phone under pillow radioactive – brain tumor fairy

It’s like putting your hand above boiling water and expecting not to get burned… but with your brain.

I probably should have put the fairy on her head, but it's even more mortifying on her breasts... and I wanted to make sure that men would see the fairy first.

I'm a PC person. But to be fair I added a note that it happens with all of them.

The iFairy... eye fairy... is scary as hell. She's the Grim reaper's pet.

I bet if phones looked like that, with the same publicity and hype, people would still put against their heads.

It's a reference to the tooth fairy. You put your baby teeth under your pillow and a fairy comes to give you a coin. This fairy gives you a tumor. Well, at least she leaves the phone there.

I took the original photo and warning at frankiejohn:

"Don’t ever sleep with mobile under the pillow. Most mobiles emit harmful radiations due to transmission of signal around 900MHz. Radiation may damage your brain. It may also cause headache and muscle pain. “Better safe than sorry” Spread this message if you really care for others and create awareness."

Spread this message if you want to teach people how stupid they are to think that radioactive devices make them cool.

My version is more evil.

Ways to reduce cell phone radiation exposure:
  • Keeping cell phone several feet away while sleeping.
  • Using speaker instead of talking directly into the handset.
  • Text instead of talking.
  • Use headphones or Bluetooth connectors.
  • If you are using your phone at night for its clock or alarm features, consider putting it in “airplane mode” which suspends the phone’s transmission functions.
Several feet away… then why would it be any safer to carry it in your pocket, bra or even handbag all day long, which lasts way longer than the average healthy 8h of sleep… So all the other advices are just an illusion of safety. Stay away from cell phones! But yeah if you’re not using it, putting it against your balls is really stupid. It makes you infertile, but thank you to continue; the world is overpopulated. It's even more wonderful if the morons go first.

Why laptops should be renamed to protect consumers at greenmedinfo "to not induce customers towards an improper use. They induce currents within the body, even of developing fetuses, to unsafe levels. It.s been confirmed: Use of laptop computers connected to internet through Wi-Fi decreases human sperm motility and increases sperm DNA fragmentation."

Having expensive high tech toys doesn't make you a bigger man after all~

What does Map and PC really care about? Money:

Article at wired: Apple begged Microsoft to stop running laptop hunter ads (see it at YouTube) They merely proved that a PC was a better dead. Apple said to stop because they reduced the price. They don't call each other to discuss the safety of your balls.

I took the eyeball from eBay's seller deadheadprops. I changed the iris's color to fit the phone's colors. But I replaced the icons by an image that I've modified. You have to appreciate the irony: radioactive iphone wallpaper at

I took the fairy wings from eBay's seller qualitybargainimports and modified them.

New Zealand parents of boy with brain cancer want Wi-Fi out of school at au.ibtimes. He died.

What did the company answer to that? Extreme denial! Demonising wi-fi is dangerous to your child’s health. As if not having it would harm them!!!

First, the kid is already dead! Second, kids have been healthy for hundreds of thousands of years WITHOUT Wi-Fi. Third, blaming the guilty isn't demonising, it's just telling the truth.

"There is no evidence to suggest Ethan’s tumour was the result of exposure to electromagnetic fields." Unless he also stuffed his pillow with radioactive industrial wastes... having brain cancer with a device under his pillow is a very reasonable association.

They said it's just a coincidence. "The problem is, as scientists often put it, correlation doesn’t imply causation."

They missed the all the scientists that ever lived found causation by noticing correlation. Ideas aren't always the right ones... but when you base them on cold hard facts, they often are. Assholes... do you really want to take a chance with your kid's brain! With their very lives!!!? Why didn't they say something a little less lame like: Oh just to be safe, just don't put it under his pillow... but w don't have enough evidence yet... even though so many people reported noticing their kids dying after buying our products... but kids always died of brain cancer, we just recently found the technology to find it, but it can't possible be the technology that caused it.

Well, hell yeah! X-rays cause cancer and testing for breast cancer causes breast tumors to form and grow a little more every time you put your boob in the squeezing machine.

This site has so much cool informative and sarcastic stuff about radiation: theboldcorsicanflame. Like the radioactive effects. And they're talking about sea food... so machines capable to communicate with a satellite... are way more radioactive.

Cellphones & Brain cancer .....Why nobody told us that cellphones and their towers are silent killers " ? healthbooster

Well, a 30 second add or a small image can't tell everything, and their products wouldn't sell very well if the companies told you that they're going to murder you. They tell you that it will make your life easier... before it kills you. I guess a shorter life requires making less complicated plans~ But plenty of people screamed their head off to let you know... they just didn't seem hype enough, they didn't promise you to make you cool, envied and with a higher social status... they only promised you health but told you that you'd have to work on it yourself... so you tuned out.

But feel free to read the article:

"What we as health experts know.... will the cellphone industry (who making millions on the unaware costumers) ...never tell you!"
  • Electro radiation /pollution disrupts our natural energy levels dramatically
  • Is triggering in our nervous systems stress responses that impair our natural
    self heal abilities.

  • The sperm count in man decreases up to 70% wile using a cellphone more than 5 years
  • 2 hour EMF exposure/microwave radiation can lead to permanent DNA damage in the brain.

  • 40,000 to 50,000 new cases of brain tumors and eye cancer yearly increasing attributed to cell phone use.

  • Electropollution contributes to depression and mental energy depletion

  • Radiation from Laptops, cellphone, air traveling and household appliances (used close to your body) causing fatigue and immune system weakness.

NOTE : The radiation penetration in a child's head after cell phone use is 50% higher than in adults; as the child brain is still in development phases and very sensitive to radiation. Dr. Charles Teo,(Australian Neurosurgeon) "states there has been a 21% increase in brain tumours in children in recent years."

The only thing that it gave us is taking the cable away... but you don't notice it anyway. And I'd rather know when the connection is making me trip and banging my head on the furniture. Wi-Fi does it many times per second.

It's like putting a frog in a pot and slowly increasing the heat, she doesn't notice and stay there, boiled alive to death, instead to simply jump the hell out.

When I was a kid a phone could cost 10$... now it's like 500$ and it destroys your brain. Great improvement... thank you technology... for making people sterile. But killing their children might be going a little too far...

At least Terminators had the guts and courtesy to let you enjoy sheer terror in their presence, before they shot you in their head.

Watch "Men in Black 3" for a cell phone joke: Will sees his partner from the past with a giant wireless phone "Don't put that thing to your head!?" But making them smaller never made them safer.

Lisa Of Shades
14 June 2014

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Brain Freeze

Brain freeze
Happens if I try to slow down my thoughts at your level of stupidity.

People’s stupidity gives me a brain freeze.

I wish I could give credit to the person who made this absolutely gorgeous art... and I feel bad for taking it. But my site is for personal use and I wish to see it regularly, to cheer me up. Hopefully others too. Please forgive me.

It's from FORREST J BONJO's blog at If you didn't steal it from google too and actually made it yourself... I'm as absolutely amazed by your talent as I am by your long hairs!

I wanted to keep that one short but I want to add more. Here are my other versions:

I tried to put my brain at “normal” people’s intelligence level… I got a brain freeze.
That’s how intellectuals, introverts and creative people feel when they are with “normal” people of lesser intelligence and artistic talent.

People’s stupidity gives me a brain freeze.
Intellectuals, introverts and artists get tired more easily because they use more brain power and it’s tiresome to deal with stupid people.

It makes them look weak because they can't handle a sheer mad circus, and get tired faster, need more alone time.

Maybe we're anti-social and angry because we know something you don't!

There are actually people asking how they can slow down their thought processes!??? Just avoid blood sugar rushes and crashes, followed by the adrenalin rush and crash… and you’ll be fine. It’s nice to think.

Lisa Of Shades
14 June 2014

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Organ transplant

Organ transplant. Not eating the nutrients necessary to renew your organs’ cells AND consuming toxins that destroy them. Obviously you’ll get sick. Stealing organs from the dead instead to take care of your life!!!? Then having to take toxic drugs to stop rejection, by destroying your immune system AND kidneys all over again. It might sound normal to you for being accepted in your society but: It’s seriously messed up! Is this really the best science that humanity has to offer for health? Then everything truly alive about us is already dead.

Organ transplant ~ Frankenstein ~ heart ~ kidneys

*Deep breath* It's just make up made by a very talented artist. But there is more morbid happening inside you... and in your meals.

It ended up being extremely harsh. Especially the ending; it makes my soul whither a bit. I was supposed to use a goofy cartoon walking like a zombie, but I couldn’t find one, and then I found the movie Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. It was as poetic as horrific. I opted for a brutal wake up call instead of goofiness. Making you think twice about what you're doing wrong to yourself, from habits or culture, is more important.

I used the woman because it’s even more traumatizing, since we’re used to ugly men, but we expect women to look like perfect dolls, and coat them with varnish and poison for it… Men are horrified when women ask for their feelings, not just allow them to unload their sperm as if women were toilets… But what if they meant your real heart AND kidneys…

7 symptoms of kidney failure (But doctors don't really know. I read that it's both hyper and low blood pressure... They tell people to stop eating salt, but you need extra because the kidneys can't hold on to it... Just eat living things full of vitamin C and B and you should be fine.) "#5: Skin irritations, such as acne breakouts and itchy rashes, occur due to the excess waste floating around in your body (the kidneys usually eliminate these via the urine), which may cause signs of excess toxicity on the surface of your skin." That's the link between eating crap and acne: shutting down your kidneys with an excessive toxin load. Hmmm... death... delicious. Synthetic materials, not so much. Eating life is even better; but at least don't eat worse than death. Acne is also a symptom of scurvy so make sure that your adrenal glands get a whole lot of them, especially when stressed, which means stimulated in any ways.

It can be any organs; it’s just that my kidneys are weak. I almost died, but by stopping the toxins and taking the nutrients, I actually rebuild them without needing dialysis or a transplant. Doctors claim that people with chronic kidney disease don’t have symptoms. Well, I had incapacitating and life threatening signs… those “professionals” just didn’t take them seriously… not even the blood and proteins in my urine. Nature saved me. Fuck you science. Well, I adore knowledge, but medicine has little to do with life and everything to do with synthetic object now… and lies… and they’re a drug cartel… not the place to find life… And more chemicals isn’t the solution, they’re the problem!

It’s so revolting to think of a parent stealing their child’s organs. If they were such good parents, they wouldn’t have ruined their bodies before their more natural end, and even if they were that good, making a child an handicapped is bad parenting. Imagine if the kidney was an arm, a leg, an eye… Of you won’t see it disfigure the child… But it’s worse, it’s a VITAL organ!

Parents are supposed to prepare their offspring the best they can so they can survive long enough to give the torch to yet another generation, in the relay of life. But how are they supposed to do that with missing organs when the parents couldn’t even manage with all of theirs!? Are they going to make children just to finger dip in their insides? That’s not how life was supposed to continue… It’s not all the past towards a person, then all the future back towards that same person, in one dead end in time. The whole family fighting over which generation gets which organ from whom… It's sick.

Blood, or even bone marrow, I can understand. But just like you can’t grow back a heart, you shouldn’t take kidneys or lungs either, because you need two for a reason. Maybe one worker will be able to do the same job if he works twice as hard, but he’ll survive that half as long before crashing. And if the body really did grow double to have a spare, it’s because you’ll probably need it for yourself, why give your chances of survival for someone who already had theirs AND screwed up!

If you’d rather die with your loved one than be aloe or welcome change… you might give them a gift of life, but you’re giving yourself a gift of death, and nothing and no one can possibly be worth it. Especially if he cheats on you and leaves you after. Maybe then you’d meet someone even more important who’d deserve it more, like your own child… or yourself if you get in an accident instead to dig your grave with a deep fried spoon in rancid oils. It’s just fucked up…

We should reward the people who live well and take care of themselves. What’s the point of buying cheap shitty food to save money, if you’re going to pay medical bills with the money you saved ad hundred times more. Eat life. Just like a vampire. Don’t be a freaking zombie. Yes, technically vampires are zombies. Use those brains to make food choices that will help you survive.

Lisa Of Shades
16 June 2014

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Kidnapping pillow Heart Heart

Kidnapping Never felt so cozy! There’s even a gun holder!

kidnapping power nap head pillow

The power nap head pillow
from weirdnutdaily. They have lots of jokes and weird stuff.

I cut out the item's description but here are some infos: Blocks light and noises. Hypoallergenic (because we want you to suffer and die on our terms). The hole isn't for coffee, it's for hands. (Or a bazooka, you can never be too sure... humans are though vermin to kill.) Price: almost 100$. I'll stick with my eye mask.

The person who posted the picture called it "That's going to draw way too much attention to get any rest". Probably, especially if you got abducted; unless you're the one holding the gun.

I wonder if it comes in red, to mask the blood stains, they’re hard to wash off. A bar of soap can do wonders but there’s a limit…

There's the word nap in kidnapping.

Lisa Of Shades
20 June 2014

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Superhitler ~ Hitler as Superman Heart Heart

Superhitler: Finally an explanation for the hand: flying~ He changed the world one murder at a time. And he didn’t even try to cover it up. And he didn’t even try to cover it up. Big Pharma does, to sell toxic false hope, because people refuse to make healthy choices. What have you done with your life? Besides complaining and gossiping? Working mindlessly for someone else’s ideas. You’ve done nothing bad? But nothing good either. No one will remember you.

Superhitler ~ Hitler as Superman

*Speechless for a moment, admiring her descent into madness* I live in such beautiful country, being able to do things like that without being shot in the head. Well, it's half flattering (if you're Hitler) and offensive. (if you're... everybody else...)

Can I get any more offensive? Of course! And I edited it.

And here's an utter irony for you: 10 reasons superman is really Jewish
Sort of semitic superhero celebrates 75th birthday, at forward.

Here's some nice photos of the first Superman by Christopher Reeve: Suit Me Up: Superman Pt. 2 at justicebulletin. God he was absolutely gorgeous. It's tragic that he ended up in a wheelchair... So be careful what you wish for... Even when you're on top of the world, rich, famous, and gorgeous, and even flying... you can come crashing down just as hard as anyone, and even harder... because gravity increases the speed and harm of the fall... and also because you actually know what you're missing once you lost it, and the basics, unable to even move.

I use the colors from the first Superman. Hitler's photo was in black and white… for all we know; maybe they were the real colors. (No, I had to fix the luminosity, but still~)

I merged a couple of sky images from hdwallsweb. That page was a nightmare to open and load. They used the full size images, resized, straight in the page! And way too many. I feel better about making so many per page. So basically we invented computers that are more powerful because retards don't know how to optimize their pictures for the web... Instead to just hire someone competent and let people flee from their sites... *sigh* I'm glad I gave up my career... And glad I can have fun with it on my own terms! I love my shitty web site. I wanted to make the virtual world a better place... not anymore! Unleash hell!

Hitler's picture is from Pupils facing suspension over Nazi salute photos at I first used it for Hitler ~ Hit her in my pun jokes.

I edited the logo. It's nice to see the History of Superman logo infographic at imgur.

I respect Hitler because, even if he was wrong, even if he got rejected from art school (imagine if all he ever did was paint) he got on top of the world, did his best to change it, and had such an impact that the whole world knows him. Well, they might not know him as a man, with his good sides, but they at least know his name.

I respect him because as horrifying as he was, he tried to help his own people, and he murdered the people he didn’t like without even trying to hide it. There’s way more murder happening right now in the medical industry, with ineffective drugs that make you sicker and crazier, and dead! But even though they know it, they cover it up and sell it to you as a miracle cure, as your only hope, and swipe under the rug the children they paralyze, brain damage or kill… pretending to be heroes with their industry of fear… preying on people’s agony, hurts and fear of death… to rob their money, health, life… and even freedom to think and take care of themselves.

Pretending to be helper and saviors, when they just disable people instead to teach them how to properly take care of themselves, how to fill their body’s needs… which is the problem in the first place… but all they do is cover up the body’s cries and warnings, incredulous when people drop dead out of the blue, of a hart attack or cancer, or go crazy and berserk…

When there’s smoke you don’t just open a window, the house in on fire! Get water!

If you want to rob people’s money and kill them, at least be honest about it… Don’t pretend that it’s for their own good. Thank you Hitler, for killing people honestly… so the world could wake up and do something about it when they didn’t agree. But people would rather let it happen, even make things worse, and complain at the same time.

I think that all humankind deserve to die.

But his blond with blue eyes superiority is foolish. Yeah Hitler probably started that; Hollywood is probably full of Nazis. The irony is that Hitler has brown hairs and eyes.

Well, at least he tried to make the world a better place; he acted upon his own convictions and did something about what he didn’t like, instead to sit on his fat ass, buy a wheelchair and roll to Walmart to buy bacon-Twinkies… That’s a lame way to die. Even shooting yourself like he did would give you more dignity.

Edited: I added Big Pharma instead of only implying it. Google "big pharma doesn't want to cure you". The cancer industry doesn't want a cure at zengardner. "The cancer industry destroys or marginalizes safe and effective cures while promoting their patented, expensive, and toxic remedies that do more harm than good. With eclectic medicine (homeopathy, herbal, etc.), you die from the disease; with allopathic medicine, you die from the cure.”

YouTube: Ex Pharma Sales Rep speaks the truth - Pharma doesn't want to cure you.

Selling poisonous false hope is way too profitable, and when it kills you, they protect their statistics by blaming you, when too many chemicals and not enough nutrition was the problem in the first place!

Lisa Of Shades
22 June 2014
Edited: 12 August 2014

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Hitler ~ Basketball

He shoots, he scores! Achieving your goals makes you a better person. For yourself, not for the people that you gun down, out of your way.

Hitler ~ Basketball ~ He shoots, he scores!

I don’t know the right expressions about sport. But even if it’s for the wrong one, it’s funny because it actually implies gunning people down~ I added something about it to make sure everyone gets the pun. It's more horrifying now. I love myself.

Oh your god, the cloud behind the basket looks like a nose, a mouth, and I can see a sparkling eye... He shot a human face cloud! With a giant bullet!

I admire how Hitler tried to reach his goals even against the whole world, no matter what it took. (Even against morality, common sense… everything.) Like Sephiroth. He got wronged and he sure got back at them!

It implies a gun, but you can take down people with anything, even just winning means that someone is losing. So we all do what he did... He just did it on a greater scale with meaner means.

Claiming to be superior and to be given rights over others from god, like the Jews claimed, backfired on them… because when you want to play by your own rules, regardless of others, someone might be better at your own game than you… and someone beat Hitler too. Well, it was probably more like a whole planet, but hey it’s amazing that it took that much to bring him down.

I tried to be lazy with the color, but it took me a long time to make the sparkles fit his hand’s and ball’s motion. I first wanted to use a rainbow I learn from a photoshop rainbow tutorial at wikihow. I wish I could make beautiful curves and sparkles but I took them from: White winter sparkles at freechristmaswallpapers. Well, I can't do sparkles but I can turn them to doom just fine~

Merged with a sky image from hdwallsweb.

Hitler's picture is from Pupils facing suspension over Nazi salute photos at, again.

The basket and ball is from en.scbc.

Did this city bring down its murder rate by paying people not to kill?
at motherjones. It's in Richmond, California.

It sure works with me, I'm super quiet on welfare! Prison is convincing too... but if I was to starve in the cold, jail would start to sound cozy.

"a man was shot in the face at a funeral for a teenager who had been gunned down two weeks earlier, spurring local clergy to urge city hall to try something new—now. "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten," says Andre Shumake Sr." Well said, especially for a priest.

"The things that could get someone shot in Richmond were as trivial as stepping out to buy a bag of chips at the wrong time or in the wrong place." Why you? Shit just happens. Because they do. Because people are full of shit.

"Boggan wondered: What if we identified the most likely perpetrators and paid them to stay out of trouble? They approached 50 people in Richmond most likely to shoot someone and to be shot themselves, offering them a spot in a program that includes a stipend to turn their lives around." Well, if people could afford an education and stuff, they wouldn't end up having to do crimes for a living. And it worked! Fantastic. No kidding, take care of the kids, educate them, help them find and reach their goals... feed them... and they won't act like starving dogs. No kidding... isn't that obvious.

Hitler was probably a nice guy in a terrible situation too. Apparently the whole country got better when he was done. Did it really go to hell because of the Jews gathering riches while underpaid people starved with nothing? Well... results tend to speak for themselves you know. But it wasn't because of Jew's genetics... it wasn't just because they had a capitalist way in a communist country... (In America it's the sad norm.) The Jews acted this way because they are humans. Just like the German who killed them, they didn’t do it because they were Nazis, but because they were human. They both protected their own interests, at the peril of others... Hitler went as far as he felt necessary, as far as he was ready to go, just like everybody else. He merely had a stronger will. And THIS is what I admire in him.

Charities are just a hypocrite method to sell junk and exploit people’s hearts. Not much reach the needy, or it sure is pointless. Like cancer charities… it won’t make people stop eating toxins more than healthy foods, and science will never find a way to make us able to!!!

The American dream to be rich and on top of everyone else. Only a handful gets there, but everyone plays this sick game, even when they suffer, just for the ILLUSION that it could be them. If we shared everything, instead to do a backstabbing and exploiting game, about who bleeds others the best for his own benefit... maybe antidepressants wouldn't sell and kill so well.

Lisa Of Shades
22 June 2014

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Save the princess... from yourself

Thank you Mario! I, the Princess, finally get to leave this beautiful castle. To go live with you, a fat middle aged plumber with a mustache, in the sewers... with the shit. Are you sure you’re not the kidnapper instead?

The girl of your dreams She’s better off without you

Super Mario Bros princess room castle

If you really love her, stay away from her. Otherwise you’re just a creepy stalker who hunts her down like a prey to devour or an object to own. Not all girls believe that bullshit and you could end up with your balls handed to you.

They don’t fit together at all. I’d way rather stay with a turtle from hell. The concept of the game is incredibly creepy. It’s Japanese so they’re probably criticizing America’s creepiness. And it sure got popular. Because repulsive people want to dream that beautiful young princesses are just sitting there waiting for them to do whatever they want.

Well, she’s blond and looks mentally retarded; maybe she has daddy issues too, so maybe you’d have some luck. But if your shit is an improvement from being a princess in a castle, then she was seriously screwed up and you’ll end up with a crazy bitch that you’ll probably want to run away from. Why do you think a devil turtle wanted her in the first place… Bewaaaare~~~

Lisa Of Shades
24 June 2014

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Hitler ~ God bless America Heart

God bless America. Because it’s DOOOOOOMED!!! Poisoning the air, water, earth, plants, animals, foods, medicines, people and even the minds to death for profits. There are freedoms that should NOT be taken. Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. If you want to be an example for the whole world, be a better one. Even Hitler spared those he loved or at least needed.

Statue of Liberty Hitler ~ Dead eagle ~ God bless America

Ouch... that one really hurts my soul. Because it’s the truth.

Everything is connected, into a life chain... plants and animals are both foods and medicines... By poisoning the mind I refer to misinformation, wrong values and priorities (technology above nutrition and survival) and also mind altering drugs, especially psychiatric ones, they're worse than street drugs.

Liberty Statue pictures at socialphy. Statue of Liberty infos at wikipedia.

Teacher stomps on American flag inside classroom at radio.foxnews.

He got fired, but the people who destroy natural resources without caring to renew them keep their job, and even pedophiles are kept by the church. If by walking on “just a piece of cloth” he was trying to teach the kids to respect each other and their environment, that it’s pointless to salute a flag if you’re going to poison the whole country, people and ground too, then that was a very patriotic teacher… But he didn’t do it for the cross, so he’s probably just yet another religious nut job… As if doing all that shit in the name of god would be better than in the name of a flag… Tch. The people went to war to feed their families and avoid having another country blow them up, so they took the blowing up to that country instead… If they did it for a flag… for some ego trip… and not for raw survival, then they should be the ones stomped upon.

I took the flag image from: Marine told he can’t fly American flag at redalertpolitics: "A soldier discovered raising a flag in his hometown was no longer a freedom. One neighbor decided to file a complaint with the city. The pole is considered a structure and requires a building permit. In order to apply for the permit, he must hire a third party contractor that could cost the veteran up to $1,000. "It’s disgusting that anybody should have to go through that. I fought for the flag, now I’m paying for the flag." The Marine says he has no beef with the neighbor who filed the complaint in the first place. Schaffer said it was his duty overseas to protect people’s right to free speech. "Do I respect what they did? No. I respect their ability to do so." A true hero everyone."

But I admire how peaceful he feels about it. You fight to protect the citizens of your country and they don’t even allow you to salute your flag with a pleased sigh. The neighbor should have bought him the freaking flag. I wish he was some immigrant hating America yet there to have a piece of the money, but I’m sure he was of colonial descent… one of the guys who STOLE the country from the original Amerindians, respectful of nature, that were actually Asians. So that’s not even your country. The country owns himself and you’re just there for the ride around the sun. Like an insect.

Having the right to poison the water, the air, the medicine, the people, the mind, and destroy everything... (Then what, you move to another planet!? Good luck with that! HA!) There are freedoms that shouldn't be taken. It's not because you can that you should.

Dead eagle pictures at

Holy hell… it turned out into something much more dreadful than it was supposed to be… It hurts me. But now it’s a statement. Other countries do it too, but my problem with America is that they claim to have THE way, that everyone else should follow their example… They’re even bringing the eagle, the symbol of their own country, to extinction. Japan has a way better health… Before claiming to be the whole planet’s example to follow, make sure you’re really worthy of the title. Being blind to better ways can only bring your doom. Profits are useless and over rated if you’re starving for real foods, obese from toxins in your fat cells, have cancer or plain DEAD!

It’s just plain sad… plain hurtful and sad… to simply watch you destroy yourselves… and to try to spread your misery upon the world as the best shit ever, when you’re too stupid to know better… then are you really surprised that some country wants to bomb you into oblivion? Do you think it’s jealousy? Then copying you would be easier than making bombs. They’re just like you; thinking that blowing stuff up is the solution for everything. You should become friends. And blow each other up. For fun.

Lisa Of Shades
24 June 2014

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Hitler ~ Buzz Lightyear Heart Heart Heart

To infinity and beyond! Admit it, if you could take over the world, have your way and crush your enemies, you’d do it too. If there’s enough will, there is a way. Even Hitler didn’t get away with it forever and paid the price. But he dared to anyway. At least he tried to reach his dreams. Aim for the stars and shine; you’re not defeated until you’re dead.

Hitler ~ Buzz Lightyear ~ To infinity and beyond!

There’s an hilarious, yet strangely disturbing, resemblance in Hitler’s and Buzz’s pose…

Maybe that’s what the salute means: Try to reach the stars, you’re not defeated until you’re dead.

You can shine before you reach the stars. (I don't mean Hollywood’s.) Just aim at them. (Well, I do enjoy the gun joke even if I still don't mean starlets.) You don't even have to reach the top, just look at the sky and enjoy the sparkles. You can do that even from the gutter. Unless you’re blind… but then you’re allowed a dog even in forbidden places, it can't replace the mirrors of your soul, but fur is still a nice perk. Unless you’re allergic to them. ...I feel so lucky right now.

Of course respecting your limit is important, but I manage to look at the sky and shine even from deep in the gutter. By stars I don't mean Hollywood but your own ideal, and by shine I mean polish a skill. Even if you'll never be the best, or good enough, at least you can do the best that you can. It's the only way to find out if the best of the best is you. And they sure didn't start that way.

I don’t mean to make it sound like reaching for impossible perfection; that made me so sick I almost died. But I can still aim for the light in pitch black darkness. I felt so defeated when I had to give up my career to take care of my health, but yeah, I’m alive! I’m not beaten. I just made a strategic retreat to fight another day, and evaluated that some fights aren’t worth being fought. Even if I win, it’s just a waste of energy. People don’t pay, not even with gratitude, so I might as well use my skills for myself. I can still aim for the stars, I won’t reach them, but you’re not supposed to… they’d burn you… they’re only there to inspire you… in fact, some of them are probably already gone. But they still shine. And so can you.

Why didn’t I just replace Buzz’s head by Hitler’s? Because it would have been too easy, and I like the hard way. You can really see the resemblance this way. I got speechless when I found an image of Buzz doing the salute as I was trying to find the right wings.

I took them from Buzz Robot at tfw2005, and added Buzz from 25 Days Of Disney Products: Toy Story 3 Blast-Off Buzz Lightyear at disneydreaming, with a piece of the wings because the part behind was green instead of blue. I tried to add the head piece but I had to draw my own. Hitler can probably breathe in space if he's the antichrist though. (Nah he's just a man.)

The background is from Why do stars all look almost the same size? at parade.condenast. I rearranged the stars so he'd reach one, and to put emphasis on the hand, and avoid having the eyes attracted by the wrong shiny area.

For $150k you could be Buzz Lightyear at cnn. Whoa, jetpacks finally exist: "Night after night for 30 years, the New Zealand father-of-two worked on a secret machine in his garage." He used his wife as the test pilot... he could have blown her to bits! Hmm... Win-win I guess. "Twelve prototypes and $17 million later, and what started as a young university student's hobby could soon be on the market, the first flying machine of its kind ever to be commercially sold." But it's huge so you might as well get a plane... well it's a start~ Oh god it's extremely loud in the video, if you don't blow up you damage your ear drums for sure... And you have to stay straight like a stick, no superman effect. That's too bad. It was his dream as a kid to go to school with a jetpack, with how much they get into accidents as teenagers rolling only in 4 directions, I dread having a bunch of kids in noisy jetpacks fly around in every direction... But hey, if you have more millions than you know what to do with, you might as well throw them in the air.

I like how the Y in the fond stands out... as if the font was asking... why... why...

Because I can.

Well, I can't do much, but at least I'm doing it...

To Infinity and Beyond by DanLuVisiArt at danluvisiart.deviantart. A breath taking realistic version of Buzz with a story that gave me shivers. I wish I had that much talent. I guess I’m similar to Hitler about art. What I don't have in skill, I have in anger. At least I channel it in art.

Lisa Of Shades
24 June 2014
Edited to add some text 4 July 2014

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Hitler ~ Descent into madness Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Descent into madness: When you finally realize that people will think ill of you no matter what you do, you notice that you’re free to enjoy anything!

Hitler ~ Descent into madness ~ rainbow ~ squid, banana, Hawaiian dancer, mermaid, unicorn, fairy tutu

(EDITED: Because this is my absolute favorite, I stretched it big and improve the quality loss the best I could: Hitler ~ Descent into madness ~ Bigger)

It draws you in~~~

It’s madness pride. But feel free to use it as gay pride if you want to. Maybe people would be scared to beat gays to death if Hitler was on their flags. As long as you don’t hurt anyone unwilling, people should shut their hell hole about you.

I used so many pictures that I’m not going to list the references… When I found the rainbow effect in photoshop, I knew that I had to use it somehow. I use each color to make a Hitler rainbow!

  • Red squid (Placing the tentacles the right way was a victory)
  • Yellow banana
  • Green Hawaiian dancer, with a straw skirt, flower necklace and a flower the side of his head.
  • Turquoise mermaid, with fins on the side of his head and the tail curling up.
  • Blue unicorn jumping (choosing the right legs took a while)
  • Fuchsia (pink purple) fairy, with a tutu, a tiara, wing (only one like Sephiroth to avoid hiding another Hitler) and a star staff... and star sparkles.
I left the background white instead to add a sky to make sure that all colors would stand out~

If people are going to think you’re crazy anyway, it might as well be by doing something that makes you happy. Not by trying to please and cheer up the people who are pleased by being grumpy, cruel and hurtful.

Take responsibility for your own life and take care of yourself. For the rest:

Avoid, ignore forget and enjoy~

I had to learn that a very hard way. Here's the story that let me to understand and embrace the quote I added:

All my life I tried to please people. I had to, to survive, to please my neurotic mother who wanted to abort me and tried more after I was born than ever before… I believed her when she told me that I was the mentally ill one and that everything, basically in the whole world, was all my fault. She told me that in life we get what we deserve, and if people are mean to me it’s because I’m not nice enough to them.

Which is honestly the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard, but when I was just a little girl, with my very survival depending on my mother’s love, I didn’t know any better, because my mother was too stupid to teach it to me.

Being nice to the people who want to hurt you, look where that got Jesus, and my fate wasn’t as better as you’d like to think. I only made it easier on the people who wanted to abuse me, because the only way to deal with them is to not give a damn, avoid, ignore and forget.

The meaner people were to me, the more I gave them. Even the best people, who are usually decent, eventually figured out how to squeeze all the juices out of the citrus. And the bad people not very good at holding back, looking for a prey, I was a magnet to them, like a wounded bird who couldn’t fly. But even pedophiles couldn’t surpass my mother’s cruelty, because they did their criminal job... But my mother didn't do hers... She was supposed to protect me, not basically throw me at them then looking the other way, only caring about being pampered by men, when she couldn’t even protect and give the basics to her own child. She was unworthy of what she refused to give.

I desperately tried to figure out how I could possibly deserve such cruelty and what I could do to deserve love... But I always did. I even went to psychiatry, hoping that someone could tell me what I did wrong, how I could please people, what the hell they wanted from me… concrete solutions to concrete problems. But those pushers only wanted me to mindlessly obey, they told me I had no quality, that the problem wasn’t the criminals who made me bleed but me... I was the one who was wrong, my personality was defective, who I was as a person was a disease. But they still never told me why or what I could do to constructively improve myself. They just plain hurt me. To hurt me. Then claimed to be there to help. HA!

It's easy to exploit the weak, the needy, cloaked in a good Samaritan role with a condescending smile, looking down while feeling a power trip... The only true sincere help in this world is the one you give to yourself. Only you have your own best interest at heart without a hidden agenda. If you can't figure it out with your own life at stake, someone with their own wallet at stake won't find a better solution for you, but for THEM! At your expense... in money, health, sanity and they will even take your life! What do they care; it's not them who suffer. Psychiatry only want to sell you false hope and enable your denial, your cowardice to change.

My solution… was to change for the worse, to put balance back into my soul, to become selfish enough to survive by filling my vital needs! To put my own life and needs first, even if it meant walking away from what I wanted... from lost causes, from pain, especially from people who didn’t want to love, pretended to but acted with hatred, and didn't know how to love even if they wanted to. I’ll start by saving myself before saving others. I’m the most important person in my life, without me my life doesn’t exist, I’m my own god creating my future and granting my own prayers. My hands are full; I can’t give my life force away with nothing but agony in return. Never again! I’ll accept my limitations, I’ll accept this world… so I can have reasonable expectations, so I won’t constantly feel let down. But I’ll create my own reality, around me, by keeping what suits me near and pushing away who harms me. The world is what I make of it, what I allow in my and around me. I take the responsibility for my own life, and I can’t save others, because they have to do the same. But I can say what made my life… at least more bearable.

Maybe psychiatry can actually surpass my mother as the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard. When a doctor passed me tests that finally proved that I was physically sick, and not mentally ill. (Thyroid and blood sugar problems affects the brain, and actually everything does.) I called my family to tell them the wonderful news, I finally had my dignity back!

That's when my aunt gave me the answer of the question I exhausted myself to death to find. She first denied that I was sane, blamed me saying that I was just lazy and not trying hard enough "when we want we can", but I kept explaining my own limitations and how much I accomplished in spite of them, I explained my medical conditions that the doctor told me.

And once I explained, with logic and reason, that I am sane, didn't do anything wrong, that it's just something that happened to me, most likely by mere bad luck from birth... She told me that I deserved to suffer.

And then I finally saw, without a doubt, after passing the last 10 years doing research to understand my body and mind… that the problem never came from me. What people want, what makes them happy, is to complain and to hurt others. It had nothing to do with what I deserved, nothing to do with me, it was merely their choice. If they wanted to find good in me, there was plenty to be proud of. And when someone want to attack, they don’t need a reason, even against all logic, they can invent one… and they don’t even need that…

If they want to hurt, they will. If they want to hate, they will.
And there's nothing you can do about THEIR free will. But you can stop being in their reach, you can stop giving them power. You can walk away and stop to value their poison. Because it won't change and it,s all there is, and ever will be.

If they want to think you’re mentally ill instead to try to understand you, that you’re acting reasonably in an unreasonable situation… they’ll think you’re crazy even if you’re saner than they’ll ever be.

The people who want to nurture ill intentions, thoughts and feelings WILL, it’s their free will. Your own will, your worth, what you deserve, has nothing to do with people's opinions. And they're not facts, they're merely opinions, they can be unjust and DEAD WRONG!

Even if they're true, even if you're the worst person on Earth, you can still surround yourself with the people who choose to appreciate the good in you, even if they're mistaken. You still have the right to fight for your survival and fill your vital needs (sex isn't one, it's merely an impulse.) It's preferable to do your best WITHIN YOUR LIMITS, but if you don't want to, it's your free will. If you want to make the same mistake over and over, constantly suffer and make all the people around you instead to learn and try new ways, you can. They can leave. No one deserves anything. No one is entitled to anything except to live their own life, and others can try to take it away, even if they have a good reason, fighting to keep it will always be a better one. No one is saved by becoming a martyr. It only results in suffering. If you’re into masochism, fine, but if you’re tired of pain, then let go of the cause!

People don’t get what they deserve in life. Sometimes they do, but people are stupid, you can’t expect them to know what’s fair. They treat themselves like shit; you can’t expect them to be nicer to you.

I don’t want to be someone like that, spreading pain around instead to fix the pain inside me… Complaining never accomplished anything except to make me look weak and an easy target… and spitting venom non stop to make people feel miserable without any constructive suggestions isn’t what I want to offer to the world… isn’t who I want to be… THAT is why I kicked my family out of my life. Not only because THEY are the one who made me insane, and sick, from neglect and mistreatments, and then had the cruel arogance to blame me for being human (as if I could become as great as other people without the nurturing support and opportunities... and HEALTHY FOODS!!!)

But what motivated me to let go of bad people for me, instead to try to please and change them, is especially because the people around us influence us, change us… and we can't fit with anybody and pretend we like the same things as everyone... that's a recipe for misery. Fake happiness is worse than true sadness. At least when you notice you're sad you can do something about it. Acceptance is better than denial until you can improve your situation.

Maybe it’s in my genes to be a bitch, but I can break the chain, I can at least try to use it constructively… I can try to surround myself with better people, and if I can’t, at least I can be free alone and safe. I don’t want to spread pain around me, in me, and live in that. I suffered ENOUGH.

But I don’t have to waste happiness on someone who wants to dwell in pain and spread venom around... because it’s easier than fix their problems... because it’s easier to blame than look at their flaws... because it’s easier to crush someone to feel empowered than change your life and improve yourself with the power of new knowledge. Pathetic.

I won’t hold back my own joy because someone might think I’m crazy. Everyone is so used to be bored and morose. That's normal. Well, fuck normal!

When I was a child, I saw adults run around like a rabid horde on a stampede, running in circles, in a hurry to live but too busy to be actually living by enjoying it. There were magnificent flowers around, and sky, and silly things to giggle about. But adults were blind to it. The only time they laughed was at other people’s misery, but they took their own way too seriously for the tiniest of reasons.

As a child I saw those "mature" people, all so miserable, when there was so much in life to enjoy… and I didn’t want to turn into that by loosing my kid side… I swore that I’d never loose the ability to be amazed by the simple wonders of the world, of life itself, otherwise that’s not living.

When I free my kid side as an adult, I’m mocked and glared at with disdain; people think I’m retarded or mentally ill… They think my personality is defective... Oblivious to the fact that I do this ON PURPOSE, FOR A REASON and it demands GREAT EFFORTS out of me. And they actually do laugh in their bitter poison thanks to me, they just don't know that I gave them that joy on purpose. They think it's at my expense, and hurt me, when they should be laughing WITH me, and with RESPECT.

I do this, for myself, because this is the key to feel pure sheer joy. Not drugs. I just let go and enjoy the moment with a pure and innocent mind, as if it was the first thing that I've ever seen, the only thing in the world, sheer and simple beauty; or the silliness of an act of pure freedom, free from fear and hatred, free from past and future... a pure moment of bliss. Out of pure will, simply by shutting down my mind and letting my brain rest.

Yes, I probably look retarded. Yes my life is still shit, my past won’t change, my future is still doomed, and there’s full of problems and reasons to complain and hate…

But for a moment of wonder… everything fades away… there’s nothing else than amazement at silliness… and giggles deep in my heart~ Even though this art is probably the most mortifying thing ever.

Enjoy anyway!
Lisa Of Shades
29 June 2014
Bigger: 16 October 2014

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