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Grumpy / rycbar ~ My Little Pony ~ Frown upside down
Grumpy ~ Creepy gift of friendship
Grumpy ~ The dog face
Grumpy ~ Lighting electrocution

Grumpy / rycbar ~ My Little Pony ~ Frown upside down

Pinkie Pie: "Turn that sad frown upside down!"

My Little Pony: Friendship is magic ~ Pinkie Pie ~ Turn that sad frown upside down ~ Grumpy Cat ~ eating horse steaks

The font is supposed to be impact, but I used Folio BdCn BT, and put my text in capital letters with a Case convertor at convertcase.

When I became unable to return to kat because of so much pain... I gave my emails to all my friends in case this would happen. Tij was an old friend before one disaster after an other made me purge all my fake friends who never spoke to me and where more interested in the stats... When I closed my heart, I actually met Grumpy. I think I went to her myself because of that unusual avatar of a cat who is neither cute nor cheerful. It called out to me because I felt like we can enjoy the same dark humor.

When I left to hide in my emails and lick my wounds... Tij came and kept giving me beautiful greeting images... without judging me.

Grumpy came too. I didn't know her for as long and I met her when I lost trust in friendship and people... so I was extremely hard to reach... Especially after my previous best friend told me that he doesn't care about anyone anymore... We could have shared and comforted each other... He could have trusted me and given me the chance to cheer him up... But instead he basically told me that he doesn't care to see me or not, if I suffered or not even by his own hand... or if I was alive or not and walked away... without giving me a way to follow him. I just couldn't go back and read more of this... maybe there are people who care and miss me... I remember Star telling me... But my gloomy despair is so thick, I'm so scared to believe in frienship just to notice that it,s one sided again and the person only cared about increasing their reputation... I have a hard time believing it.

But Grumpy never let go... and told me times and times again... she didn't let me slip away.

Tij gave me such wonderful friendship, never stopping to give me greetings and made them for me even when he was very sick. He taught me kindness and friendship in a moment of my life that I just wanted to close my heart... He taught me that people deserve it.

Eventually I realized... hey... Grumpy is there for me too! She deserves an art to make her smile too, even if she didn't make one, she did a lot for me that make me smile... And I want to use all the ways that I know to express my gratitude and make her as happy as she made me.

So thank you Grumpy. I made art for Tij thinking that he's actually not the only one in the world that can fit in with me and appreciate me, you do to, and I love you too!

Thank you for reading my long dark mind shattering stuff and appreciating the perspective and knowledge instead of judging anything different or troubling as bad, and me as a bad person for it.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply and making me smile... For giving me art too and being bluntly clear that needing a friendship with you isn't one sided. You need me too and you'd be sad if I vanished... that you're even ready to follow me into the woods, into the dark... so you can know me and be with me.

There is no more valuable gift in tis world, in life, and eternity... Not even all the gadgets and gold... nothing will be as valuable as blossoming with a friend, opening up, and seeing them smile even when the sun is taking a break.

I love you, and I feel very lucky to have met someone like you.

Grumpy cat meme explanation and origins at knowyourmeme.

Articles from dailymail:
Grumpy Cat lives up to her name at her own book launch with a face that says she'd rather be anywhere else
Not so grumpy now! Cat that became an internet star has made its owner £64million
"Grumpy was born with dwarfism and an underbite, giving her a disgruntled expression."

Someone became mega rich by doing nothing else than owning a deformed cat... so we don't have to suffer and compromise our integrity for success.

That cat became mega popular by doing nothing else than looking grumpy, and some of the quotes that people added could be taken to court for death threats. It's very hypocritical of people to demand perfect happiness when everyone is watching, pressuring each other into something that no one can attain or even want... and then once online when no one is watching... they crave sarcasm and darkness.

We should just drop the superficial hypocrisies and go for it. I do. I don't care about looking good and having a good reputation because I put my efforts when it truly matters... "Good" people usually run out of energy and backstab you when it gets slightly harder or no one is watching... I'd rather look bad and be good than pretend to be good and torture others by looking down on them and trying to destroy them... Seriously... WTF.

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever at IMDb. The movie is very funny (if you lower your expectations... it IS a movie about a cat and christmass... so... yeah.)

Grumpy Cat as various Disney princesses at deviantart.

"the GaMERCaT" site has a comic about Grumpy Cat.

Also the excellent cartoon, all crazy and sometimes dark while full of good values:
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic at IMDb.


Lisa Of Shades
Image: 20 September 2015
Text: 24 September 2015

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Grumpy ~ Creepy gift of friendship

Insanity Wolf: "I'm going to eat him and make a hat for my friend with his corpse!"
Fluffy dog: "What?"
Grumpy cat: "You shouldn't have..."

Insanity wolf ~ Grumpy cat ~ Fluffy dog ~ bloody hat ~ creepy gift of friendship

Saying "you shouldn't have" when receiving a gift shows embarrassment for getting something nice, feeling unworthy of the bother and money it took. Grumpy makes it sound cold and mean, but it's always rude to say that instead of "thank you". Unless you're Grumpy cat, the sarcasm queen, then it's funny.

I don't think the cat cares about the dog. But she probably does about her fur being incrusted with dry blood. Grooming that out is going to be hard. Unless you lick it while it's still juicy~

Cats bring you dead animals as a token of affection. Creepy love is still love~

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 7 October 2015
Text: 10 October 2015

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Grumpy ~ The dog face

Whimpers? Are you busy or was I abandoned? Losing a great friend like you would be the end of the world...

Bolt ~ the dog face ~ sad ~ friend busy or abandoned ~ end of the world

Well, that's not a wolf, it's Bolt from the movie... but it expresses how I felt.

She came to see me into the middle of her big project for graduating college... so when she stayed away for more than a week I started to worry... She struggled with how much I write, so I thought that she gave up on me.
It was self centered of me to think that because she was going through very bad news. Her project wasn't accepted as good enough, in spite of all the dedication and efforts, in spite of it working... So she was rightfully devastated... And utterly exhausted, rightfully so with all those efforts... But being punched in the gut like that was an overkill blow.

The idea that she could be denied graduation with all her dedication, efforts and success didn't even crossed my mind! I have complete faith in her. I know that she absolutely hated C++ as much as I hated Java... That's now the programming language that she wanted to use in her career... So it's devastating that it stopped her.

But I had a friend who failed a class 5 times; I got everything on my first try... Now he has a good job... I got sick for pushing myself too hard and was declared invalid for life... After being told several time that being a neurotic perfectionist was poisoning everyone's life... especially my own...

So not getting success on the first try is perfectly okay. At least you did something, you tried, you moved forward. And after a good rest, you will be able again without pain.

People found a job related to their career before even finishing school so it's still possible. Maybe it's for the best to take some more time to learn if she couldn't master it well enough to face the cruel competitive world of job hunting...

But to avoid Adrenal Fatigue, it's best to rest after a trauma like that. It's not being lazy, it's building our strength to move forward for a long time again... and the best way is with nutrition, to rebuild our reserves.

There is still a future, and a preset, as much as there was a past... Even for someone like me who's been declared useless for life by so called authorities.

I can still enjoy life. I can still be loved. And hopefully I can still cheer up someone I love.

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend Grumpy. You never let me down, you never abandoned me, you where just taking care of yourself. Because even joy requires energy. That wasn't sulking in self pity or shame. It was licking your wounds and rest. To avoid a death by a thousand cuts. And that's very wise. I am very proud of you, I know you did your best and worked so hard, not being acknowledged enough to be given a piece of paper won't change the fact that you're a wonderful person at everything that you do.

It hurts to have our flaws compared with other people's qualities... Those people can be doing the same thing and feel just as miserable! Because everyone has different flaws and qualities... And to be good at something, you have to leave its opposite skill behind. Someone strong enough to build a house won't have the dexterity of a surgeon, but both are needed (Actually I'd rather have a house and with nutrition a lot of surgeries can be avoided.)

The neighbors graduated while she didn't and her family looked at them with envy... But maybe they where horrible people doing awful things to others in secret. Or maybe they where being done to them... We never know how people truly are, what happens behind closed doors and what can happen tomorrow...

All I see in you my friend are good things. I wouldn't trade you for someone who has everything easily... because then you wouldn't be able to understand me... You have a good heart full of compassion... so please have some for yourself. being devastated by grief is natural... because you cared so much and tried so hard... and that's more valuable in a person than anything granted by others.

As far as I'm concerned, you've succeeded. What you did worked. You never gave up until the very end. You survived. The guys handing diplomas can go choke on it. They should have explained their demands and guided you better.

I love you~ Knowing you are alive and well is all I need to be happy, but of course sharing time with you is awesome too~

Thanks you!

Enjoy something my dear, rest, you deserve it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's a vital need, and I'm very glad that you are alive.

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 16 October 2015
Text: 21 October 2015

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Grumpy ~ Lighting electrocution

God: You killed my son. STAY AWAY FROM ME!

Grumpy cat ~ Lighting electrocution, god, sky, plane, look up

My friend Grumpy went through hardship because of people's stupidity, greed and corruption. She said that some people should be hit by lighting. It does happen my dear~ Hopefully the people who wrong you will have a one ticket vacation to hell. But if they where happy people, they wouldn't have felt the need to do wrongs... so... Thank you for your hard work at school and don't let the pitiful worms who'll never be able to crawl out of it stop you~ But yeah it was awful and I'm glad that I've been there for you. I hope that I cheered you up by granting your wish the way I could~


Lisa Of Shades
Image: 18 November 2015
Text: 6 December 2015

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